May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hombre Atomico card!

This is a McDonald's JLU trading card compliments of Argentina, a foreign land that provides me with more Atom and Hawkman stuff than the place I call home does.

I'm not going to get all worked up about these ridiculous numbers again. Like again, with the feeble fuerza.

Not going to let it bother me.

Seriously though, 7 inteligencia? Dr. Raymond Palmer. Are they aware he doesn't just uncontrollably shrink whenever there's a full moon? That there's was a modicum of inteligencia put into it?!

Unless they've factored in relationships smarts, in which case put him in the corner and bust out the pointy cap.

This is what the other sides of the cards look like:You've got everybody's favorites, along with random alternates such as that blonde guy with the hook and that dopey looking Red Tornado. Lil Doctor Fate for ya, and that magic broad with the big hat.

And Wildcat. Because he's still around.

And although it would have been so simple to just plug Ray in somewhere, he didn't make the cut.

Of course, he did get a card, so it's probably not worth it to let my fuerza go through the roof.


rob! said...

did ANYONE think they'd ever see mass-market toys with WILDCAT on them?

and that logo on the back is partly covering Aquaman's hook...coincidence?

Anonymous said...

If only it were wholly covering his hook....anyway, at least they've got Atom with an 8 in power...that's something, right? Ha, and it's pretty crazy how much Atom love there apparently is in South America...

Diabolu Frank said...

Look, Atom's only got 180 lbs. of fuerza to throw behind a punch, and we both know it, so let it go already. We can't all have the fuerza of a Marciano Detective, entienda?

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily Frank, in his 80's series, after returning from the jungle, he gained the ability to draw on EXTRA mass. This effectively allowed him to hit with minor super strength.

Anonymous said...

Come back Damian, come back! We miss you man!

Siskoid said...

To quote from the Cohen Bros.'s Barton Fink:


james said...

This is a fun site. And I've alwyas liked Ray Palmer. I've added this site to my blogroll:

Super Friend said...

If you like Atom, here's a blogpost link about his powers during his guest spots on the Super Friends cartoon:

Marcos AM Ramos said...

Hey, nice to meet your blog! I'm a big fan of Dr. Palmer.
Agree with you, man... What the hell, inteligence 7???
Kudos from Brazil!

Gazbot said...

Hey man, why no more love for the site?

I just did a full color Atom of the Indigo tribe, I thought of you.
Anyone wanna check it out here's the link:

sTAtiC said...

Hey Man, Noo Yawker here too. Cool blog. Lotsa neat stuff. Check out mine, you may like.

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