May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Thursday, January 31, 2008

JLA vs. Teen Titans poster

Here is a... busy poster. It's one of these deals where you're to go into overload from the abundance of heroes present, and that (if available) said heroes are pitted up against mentor/sidekick, power equal.
I wasn't crazy about the miniseries, nor am I in love with the poster. I'm over (was then) scores of heroes facing off against one another artwork (although I occasionally enjoy the prospect of the Atom drubbing that Marvel bug) and this is not my favorite from Phil Jimenez.

But I suppose it serves/served it's purpose.

"But where's the Atom, Damian?"

Need help tracking Ray down? Wait no longer!

As you can see, Ray has been streaking across the poster, leaving little Atom logo's in his place. I've also taken the liberty of arrowing out two other celebrities:
The Martian Manhunter - Whom has been the topic of discussion at several sites the past week or so and since you just can't get your fill of the Manhunter, take a trip on over to Frank and/or Mike Netzer's site, to see what's new there. As you can see, J'Onn is right under the Atom. BFF! He's got his cape all closed up there, definitely something going on. Perhaps he's not wearing his red x underneath, the little minx...
Aquaman - As we can see there (assuming you can find him even with super helpful arrow!), he's about to shove his hook up Garth's nose.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Justice League tv pilot continued...

Who says Ray and J'Onn never hung out?!

I was going to post something else today, but all of this Martian Manhunter business, and the lack of interaction between himself and the Atom got me thinking about the pilot.
This pilot. And what could have been.

I had posted a photo I had from this gem a few months ago, which can be found here free of charge.
And here's another beauty (although it came without the helpful arrows and names which I've included for your ease). Would you just look at them.
Obviously a great deal of work was put into crafting the perfect, versatile Atom costume in case it ever became the Justice League of American Gladiators.

As I type this on going tribute to the cold-war friendship that has gone on between The Atom and The Martian Manhunter in an attempt to not only save one (and one who's not far behind I'm sure) and urge those in power to develop a kinship between these two, I must admit... this pilot and any evidence of it probably doesn't help.
But look at them (not a photo I own, courtesy of

They're destined for greatness together.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Michael Netzer Atom and The Martian Manhunter sketch #2: We will not go quietly into the night...

Michael Netzer is at it again! Amidst the maddening Martian manslaughter attempts, Mike has managed to give birth to two beautiful works of Atom & J’Onzz camaraderie.

If you’ve been here before (or there, or elsewhere) you know at this point in time Mr. Netzer has launched a worldwide plea to stop the eradication of The Martian Manhunter, offering up his comics wizardry services which the character is in dire need of. You can get yourself up to speed, lend your voice, and keep up to date at his site, here.

The first of the Atom/JJ sketches that Michael whipped up for me, featuring Ryan Choi possibly leading the duo hot on the trail of someone/something, can be seen here.

After commenting that it was in fact the first Ryan Choi sketch I had received, Michael went ahead… and did a Ray Palmer sketch… within the same setting!

Ray is at the feet of The Martian Manhunter while Ryan rides the brow helm. Could it be foreshadowing?

Is Ray to step to the side while Ryan (whose book sales do not exactly justify it) comes to the forefront as resident Atom? If we listen carefully, will we be able to hear the tiny shouts of the world’s smallest superhero as he’s thrust into the Petri dish of comics’ oblivion?

Or will he just meet the same end that is threatening J’Onn J’Onzz and that Aquaman with the shoulder pads?

Ryan has been offered a permanent chair in the Justice League by none other than Wonder Woman, so there could possibly be something there.

I've made my Ray Palmer bed and by God I will lie in it!

Regardless of what happens, Ray looks awesome here, dishing the upward sass at the two preoccupied heroes. This is just another outstanding piece of artwork from a severely talented man. One whom should be re-routing a certain green, bald man-hunter’s life.

Maybe JJ, Arthur, and Ray can form their own squad in their own comic.

They’ll be known as:


(Multiverse, air, micro-worlds, land, sea, space)

(it’s a work in progress)

Perhaps the first page will read:

"We will not go quietly into the night... we will not vanish without a fight!

We're going to live on!

We're going to survive!”

Four minutes prior to typing this, I would have bet you my house that I’d be the last person on Earth (this one or any other) to quote Independence Day.

Damn me.

Too bad for you.


Not wanting to divide my specific post for tonight, I'll double up. Besides, I felt if news worthy to note that M.O.T.A is official!

That's correct, word to my mom.

Not only did Mr. Kelly of the JLA Satellite (mixing it up!) get behind my "heavy borrowing" of his F.O.A.M membership... he expertly put together, like an android from the future, the M.O.T.A. membership certificate!

It's sort of like the Oscars, except the people that receive these earn them...

So, if you want to see one... well, an Atom TEEM bottle cap would do the trick.
Or you could just ask someone who already has one, but that's not the point here!
And remember, if someone asks you what the hell a "M.O.T.A." is, just snicker and walk away. They may have your lunch money, but you know that M.O.T.A is Atom backwards!

Perhaps in the future we'll have contests and club meetings and secret decoder rings and field trips. You'd like that wouldn't you?

Catch the fever!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hombre Halcon bottle cap - 1978

"Go ahead... build up that thirst until you can't stand it any more... then blow it away with TEEM!"

If' you're putting DC Comics superheroes under your caps, I'm game!

This Argentinian cap, if you don't already know, is from a lemon-lime flavored soft drink called TEEM, compliments of the Pepsi-Cola company.
I don't know much about the caps, or really this drink TEEM, aside from their tag line there and that they were blown away by Slice.
Aside from Hombre Halcon, I've seen a Green Lantern, Aquaman, Batman, Supes, Batgirl, Cheetah, Green Arrow, and Mr. Mxyzptlk I belive. I'll just go ahead and assume there were/are others.
Do I dare assume there's an Atom? Why oh why hasn't it found me?!

Carter there is obviously trying to stop a cab because he brought the small mace along with him when he definitely meant to take the big one.

I got this at a con from a man who obviously thought it was the Lost Ark and not a soda bottle cap, with the way he had priced it. I expressed interest and he in turn expressed interest in me.
I maybe said, "ooh."
He then gave me some Argentinian background, mostly made up, asked if I liked Hombre Halcon (he may have called him Hawkman).
I possibly replied, "I love me some Hombre Halcon." (I may have said Hawkman)

I don't remember his exact asking price, but I probably could have walked out and bought the truck that lugged them to Argentina for around the same.
This guy didn't want to lose me, I could see that. Obviously there were not all that many people interested in severely overpriced bottle caps.
I had to inform him that there was no way I could justify spending that kind of money on a bottle cap without regenerative healing powers.
"But it's vintage!"
"It's from the late 70's, it's not like you found it combing the beach in Normandy. And Hawkman's on it. I'm your only chance of pawning that off on somebody." (that's obviously an exact quote)

Needless to say, I won the day and gave the guy like 8 bucks. And not because I'm a cheap ass haggler. I don't generally haggle because I'll just fold.
But this guy might as well have had a ski mask on, and I know the market for Hombre Halcon bottle caps!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

DC Comics Super Heroes coloring book: Atom page

This page was taken directly from my Search for Ray Palmer Children's Activity Book!

That's obviously not true as no one would dare green light my Atom activity book.

But this fun scene is from a 1996 Golden Books DC Comics Super Heroes coloring book, featuring mullet Superman, provided to me by fellow F.O.A.M. member and Hawkman nut Doug Zawisza. As you can see, Ray is readying his atomic punch for some mad scientist face. I had no idea The Atom was in there, so I give thanks to Doug for sending this to me.
What needs to happen next is that everyone gets a copy of this (click on the picture for the colorable (?) version. There's another one as well), colors it in, and sends it to DC begging them for Damian's Search for Ray Palmer Children's Activity Book. It's like where's Waldo, but much cooler. And there's coloring!

Speaking of ripping things off, having acquired several Atom related things from gracious senders in the last few weeks, it had occurred to me that maybe I should rip-off (excuse me, the term is "borrow") Rob Kelly's F.O.A.M. group and put something together of my own. Sort of a "thanks for this wonderful thing you sent me, now you're part of such and such, here's your membership." We're looking for a team atmosphere here at the T3.

Maybe M.O.T.A. Yanno, Mates of the Atom.

On the positive side, it's a lot like SOTA (Sword of the Atom) and POTA (Power of the Atom) with the lone exception being one letter. And if you're familiar with the Atom fleer tattoo, or perhaps a mirror, you might just see... Mota spells Atom backwards!!! I am out of control good!

On the other hand, I'm not Australian, so "mates" might be a bit of a push. And to anyone not familiar with it's inception and not particularly interested in researching it, might just seem like a list of people Ray Palmer tried to breed with.

Maybe it's not a good idea. Suggestions?
(Here's one: Get your own identity!)

Chime in on all matters. And as always, we're excited.

Thanks again, Doug!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Michael Netzer Atom and The Martian Manhunter sketch

This beautiful, gorgeous beast was born out of Martian madness, which is currently delved into a post below in my own nonsensical ramblings.

To date I've never had a Ryan Choi sketch done. Generally when I'm talking to someone, "Ray Palmer" will involuntarily blurt out. It's particularly ineffective when speaking to someone with no knowledge of comics, and not named Ray Palmer.

And that's where Mike Netzer, with myself just showing a little support, gave birth to this!

I seriously considered just putting the thing up and leaving it at that. Doesn't really even need to be talked about. It's just awesome.

As Frank Lee Delano and I have talked about, The Atom and J'Onn J'Onzz haven't really hung out together. They haven't even really talked to each other, despite being in the same friggin league.
There's one point in POTA where J'Onn tries to talk Ray into re-joining the league, but it's possible that's not even Ray. And J'Onn may have been on something.

So to see something like this, is really nice. Perhaps it's a glimpse into a very near future where Ryan Choi and the Manhunter team-up to bust somebody up!
Of course, where does that put Ray? I don't even want to think about it. I'm no better than Jean...

ANYWAY! I could see this as a great pillow case. Perhaps one wall, just this. Or maybe just a nice frame, as it hears the call of the Atom shrine...

Gorgeous, fantastic drawing Michael. Thanks so much!

The Martian march towards death row...

This was initially going to be me posting a sketch Mike Netzer did for me, but I feel a rant coming on, so I didn't want to clog the two together. Therefore, without further adieu... I believe we've got a double posting.

With the potential execution of the Manhunter from Mars for a quick buck, Michael Netzer has launched a massive plea on his website, asking people to sign up and speak their minds against a character who's been around long enough for any comics fan to know him, but isn't so plastered on every piece of merchandise to cause an epidemic if they kill him.
I know there's been rumblings that such a plea and petition can lead to the exact opposite effect J'Onn J'Onzz enthusiasts are going for, and sure... they could be right.
If DC is so eager to do this, reaction of this magnitude spells $$$. For a limited time only, of course.

I've also heard around the horn that the worst part of this or any telegraphed execution is the prior knowledge of it. And that's very true. Instead of just picking up a comic book, getting to a point in it and seeing your hero/favorite character/guy you know getting his ticket punched, which should be an emotional experience on many levels (of course you could always just tell yourself that somewhere in an undetermined future... he'll/she'll be back), you see what you've expected for quite some time. "Look at that. They sure did kill em."

So there you go. Now everyone knows, so there's no point. Pull a humdinger of a move and have him save the world!

I've mentioned it before, and I'll say it here... I'm not against characters getting theirs and moving on to that happy fun afterlife. If they want, I'll provide a detailed list of characters that have far exceeded their usefulness, and were begging to expire long ago.

I've a problem with the potential expiration of JJ because of why I think it'll be done. Which I've already stated, is because they don't have the comics balls to take out a seriously heavy hitter. And why would they, right?
It's slated for moderate shock value of a familiar enough face. He's got some screen and toy time with the JLU, he's been out there meeting and greeting so he's a prime candidate.
But not too much.

And if this can happen to J'Onzz, what the hell will happen to my Ray!!! He's already been gone for years. Gonna crank him up a few notches then take him out too?
I had a suspicion that Choi was a test, thrown out there to see who bit and how many, soze they can throw Ray Ray in as a bonus kill.

"See the Manhunter from Mars die horrifically! w/bonus Atom death included"

Ah well. Those that are about to die, I salute you.

For some real Martian Manhunter madcappery and fun times, I'd suggest you visit Frank Lee Delano's Idol-Head of Diabolu site, a daily dedication to that bald, green dude.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hawkman Brave and Bold ad

Another appearance by Carter at the T3. He's found a home, just where he should be, with his best bud.

This ad, courtesy of Rob Kelly over at the aquaman shrine and other rear kicking bloggage, is gorgeous.
It should just sell itself, and it works for me! I want to know who this Hawkman is, how he comes to fight all of these menaces, and why he "wheets."

If that's not enough or just doesn't do it for you, he's obviously putting his fist through someone or something on the cover of that comic.

That does it.

Although if I didn't know any better, I'd think with all the "who's" on there, maybe it's an ad better suited for Owlman.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fred Hembeck sketch

I messaged Fred informing him that I had put up his and Bill Anderson's JLA/JSA meeting, here.
He was quite enthusiastic about it, apparently having forgotten he had ever done it!

I figured then was as good a time as any to get an Atom sketch out of him.

As you can plainly see, it's the greatest thing ever created.
Look. At. That. Mug.
I often sat here and wondered what he was going to send back, and this topped anything I could have thought of.

He also included a little drawing of himself as the Atom, which I have to say, puts him in my mind as the next guy to wear the suit.

Thanks Fred!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

JLA Pocket heroes: Day 2 - Martian Manhunter with JLA Conference Table and Chairs

There was quite a bit of time between my purchase of the JLA box set and this beauty, because I just didn't know about it. The fact that I hornswaggled it for a cool buck makes the victory a sweet one that'll rot my teeth for years to come.

So that's where's the Manhunter form Mars went! I was going to say it would be mental not to include the charter members of the Justice League in either one of these sets.

Oh wait, aquaman is...
I think that...
It's rubbish is what it is.

But, he's got a seat at the table, and that's pretty cool. 8 chairs to go around, and each chair has the logo of the hero it's meant for.

You've got J'onn, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Green Arrow, and of course, never one to be left off of anything... The Atom.

You might ask, where in the mighty hell do Batman and Superman sit? Well, not at this table. How this came to be I'll never know. Is it possible the powers that be figured those two had been on enough and it was time to slap the logo's of some of the other schmucks on something?

It's just a very cool little piece (actually, it's much bigger than I had expected it to be. It certainly won't fit in any pocket of mine).
I don't even mind that Ray's chair is the same size as the rest of the lot (although with them throwing in "bonus" Atom stuff, I would have guessed The Batman would get his normal chair, and they'd shove in a lil Atom seat as a "bonus" for lucky folks!). I don't mind that if you try to sit any of these members in their respective seats, you must do so with their legs straight out. And if Ray is in attendance, he'll be so standing up in his chair.

To recap, I was and am very happy that Ray got to be a part of this JLA set. I look forward to that happening more AND more down the line.

Monday, January 21, 2008

JLA Pocket Heroes: Day 1 - Box set

Awesome picture, I know. Not an easy one to find online. Stare directly into the light.

This is the Pocket Heroes JLA box set, released in 2003 from the wonderful DC Direct, blessing us with quality toys since... whenever they started making them.
I do enjoy me some Pocket Heroes. I've heard people complain about them, that they're ugly. But it's what is on the inside that counts.
I just think they're really cool, throwback-ish figures. They're nearly worthless for a child to play with, but as it's more important to make toys for collectors then it is for kids, we're all good.

5 out of 7 founding heroes. Hey, that's not bad. We'll find out what happened to the other 2 tomorrow. It would appear that Ray is blue and orange there (supporting the Mets during a playoff run /choke?) but he's not. At least the one I have is appropriately colored.
Maybe he was originally painted this way because they didn't know what his getup looked like due to lack of merchandising! (zing)

Now, I'm going to complain. Slightly.

Well, we'll see.

The Atom included in a JLA box set. Great anywhere, everywhere. He's rarely included in anything other than art as far as JLA anything goes, so it's great to see and have. It's cute too, because you see... he's smaller than all of the other figures, which are already small to begin with.

Ray doesn't have another, separate packaged pocket hero figurine(Al does), so this is him represented here.
As a bonus.

Hey, spend your hard earned cash on this box set of heroes that have appeared on anything we can mass produce, and we'll throw in the little guy that stands on people made from left over aqualads.
I understand he's generally smaller than everyone else, I do get it. So it makes sense to make his figure "life-sized" as they say. I still would have liked to see him get his own. Package it with a Chronos?
Now I'm pushing it, I know. Still a little pocket slap in the face. Thanks for the bone throw guys!

Things improve tomorrow with the highly anticipated, award winning JLA Pocket Heroes: Day 2!

Hawkman transfer

Continuing on with the Leisure Arts iron-on transfer book, of which the first Atom one was posted here.
Today we've got ourselves a little Hawkman to fill up that empty hole you've been feeling since the gap of time from the Super Amigos bootleg.
Actually, whether this helps would depend on if you like this version of Carter or not. As you very well know, Hawkman's history is one of the few solid, dependable things you can count on in a crazy comics world.

I, personally, could do without Native American arm band Hawkman and whatever other jazz he's got going on. I could always have done without it.

Otherwise this is a fine little animated transfer, with man hawk in Heisman pose. I'm still considering buying a lot of blank grey and white sweaters and ironing these babies on.

I, will be all the rage.

We're excited.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Skybox card - 1994

This is The Atom card from the DC Master Series set circa 1994, art compliments of Hector Gomez.

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but The Atom didn't make it into that many card sets, so when he does make an appearance, it'd be nice if... yanno, it was a cool card.

I can't say I'm all that in love with this one. Gomez has certainly done far better work.

Ray would appear to be in some device here, and he's awfully shiny. I don't care much for the colors, nor am I particularly fond of his uneven eyes.

But he's on something, right? Awesome!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

DC favorites subscription ad

I'll take the lot!

I found this uber sweet offer in an old Atom issue. Feel free to click the pic for enlargment, no pills necessary.
Obviously if I'm reading an Atom comic, chances are I probably like comics, know all about the subscriptions being offered here, and need little else to make the drool fall from my mouth.

However, if I were a non-comics fan and saw this ad... eh. Let's have a peek through the windows:

The first guy up would appear to be shrinking. Either that, or he's like one of those Russian egg toys where you keep opening him up and there's a smaller one in side (somebody call DC!). That's interesting. To me anyway. Apparently not to everybody though...

Second window, it's obviously Batman but it's called Detective. Perhaps the child with the zorro mask is the detective. They seriously couldn't find better art to use here? We get it, Batman AND Robin are in this.

That third window... what the hell is Robin Hood doing wearing red gloves and hanging out with some bald green dude deep in thought?
Actually, that would probably be enough to make me go out, right then and there, and purchase this comic. What's it called? The Brave and Bold? Wonder who's who, I'm there.

Move on down to this Justice League. There's some familiar faces, except that guy in the orange shirt and green gloves is obviously not wearing pants, so that's strange. And there would appear to be a small rocket flying over their heads.
General running, I love it.

Awesome, Superman talking to a... this time, pink bald man deep in thought. Wow, that looks exciting, let me pick that up. I know Superman flies and is strong and can do everything else and stuff, but he's running in that Justice League so this may be the comic where he stands around talking.

Batman! Robin too! Running in an Egyptian tomb! Pyramids?! Seriously, sign me up!

Okay, this ad probably doesn't deserve harsh punishment. It probably shouldn't even warrant more than a "oh word to my mother, look at that."

But I was looking at it, saw the Supes ad, and thought "what the hell is that?"

To be honest (I don't think it's bias, but I can't be certain), the Atom panel is the only one where I felt like I would think "hmm, I wonder what's going on there, let me check that out."

Which would be ironic, because...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Chronos Heroclix figurine

Ohhhhh Chronos, how do you do?

Thanks to Benton, during one of my complaining sessions I was alerted to this thing's existence and wasted ZERO time in acquiring it. Today, I'm a better person for it. Thanks Benton!

For a quick refresher course in my history involving heroclix: this is it. I own some figurines.

This really is a cool little figure, and I'm a big fan of him on the dial with his cape flowing out the back. It's much more enjoyable than the Ryan Choi one here (why is it there's no Ray Palmer heroclix? There's no Ray Palmer heroclix, right? That's mental.), although lack of early Chronos signature pants is a bit of a disappointment I must say.

The figure came with this card here, which displays some of Chronos's finer qualities.

Point value of 77. I wonder if that's good. Maybe one day I'll dirty my hands and leap head first into a no holds barred Heroclix game.
Either way, I'm quite happy to have my newest friend.
Does it fill my need of Chronos action figure with spring loaded wrist watch? Of course not. One day...

Of course I'll never have that beefy Super Powers look I'm desperate for in a Chronos figure. That is, unless I get my hands on a time machine...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sword of the Atom - Book 4: Look Homeward, Atom

Art: Gil Kane - Story: Jan Strnad

The issue starts off with Ray staring at Morlaidh, thinking that only a few weeks ago he could have stepped on the joint.
After a lil smooch session with his new alien princess, Voss informs them they have a spy in their midst. It would appear that Bikus has been sending "arrow messages" to Deraegis. Bikus spills the beans about Deraegis's plan. How he's been messing with King Caellich's mind, and planning this attack on the kingdom to get his fat head into the hot seat. Bikus knows he's done wrong, and he knows he must be punished.
The punishment? Poisonous arrow through the hand of course. Bikus, like a big boy, willingly puts it through his own hand for that long goodnight.
And so the attack begins! Forces and battle frog horses face off against one another! Caellich's men join in with The Atom's as all are aware of the mad monk's plans.
Meanwhile, an angry King confronts a sniveling little pud in Deraegis, calling him on his plan to overthrow, and informing that him that although he will most certainly go down from these actions... so will Deraegis.
Caellich calls for the guards to take him away for the last time, but his royal roundness will have none of that. He pulls one of those fast moves where he ends up behind the King, knife to back... then in it!
All the while the Sword of the Atom cuts through evil alien guards like a hot prod through a vat of butter. He and the princess make their way to the king... but it's too late. The knife was driven too deep, and the king's time is limited. He and princess Laethwen share a final moment, and that's all she wrote.
Fortunately, that final moment consisted of the king telling them what that crazy, round s.o.b. is up to with the star drive, and that he plans to activate it.
Voss explains to them that the piece of star that the star drive consists was once hoped to be converted into a power plant, but it was far too unstable.
Too late.
Deraegis has activated it and radiation leaks like the melted butter from that hot prod. He exits the facility where the star is housed, looking like something from a Hammer film, eyes glowing red and informing the mass of people, I am your King!" He reaches out and grabs the wrist of an unfortunate observer, the man screaming in pain and falling unconscious.
He's out of control! What can be done!
Of course, put an arrow through his skull. Compliments of voss.

But the star drive is still humming and leaking. Ray goes in to shut it down, but it's too late. Evacuation is the only answer now. Unfortunately, he's absorbed so much radiation, this evacuation is going to play much more like a Toho attack then a superhero at work.With Laethwen refusing to leave her wonderful Atom behind, and various townsfolk running around in a frenzy, Ray knows what he must do:
Stomp and kick the city to smithereens until everyone decides to leave.

There's a buzzing in the Atom's skull, severe pain, then an explosion. Then this panel:I love disoriented Palmer there.
As you can see, Ray stumbles on over to some water and winds up naked and asleep(ah college...).
He wakes in a hospital, and gives his name as "Atom." He's free to go as he's physically fine, and not exactly being cooperative.
Oh yes, one more thing! There's a very pretty woman waiting in the lobby for him. She thinks she might be his husband!
That's your last page. He knows he has a great deal to resolve with Jean, but he promises... VOWS to return and find his alien princess!

That concludes your SOTA mini-series. It's followed by (so far?) 3 special issues, which I'll get to.

When SOTA came out I was still too young, so I missed the opportunity of seeing a character like Ray get flipped and flopped before my very eyes. So when I did get the chance to be able to read all that Ray would go through, it was a helluva ride. Taking a very early member of the Justice League and a golden boy of his own comic series and putting him through this was pretty fascinating to me. Allowing his wife to have an affair and sending him off to the jungle for some sword wielding. I would get The Atom series, find him teamed up with Hawkman, and then the Sword of the Atom series, with issues of JLA and action comics sprinkled throughout.
I didn't have a chance to watch Ray's title get canceled and then bark at the thought of making Jean into what she became, or removing the Atom's mask dome, sticking him in the jungle. It was already done, and just a part of the journey. So I welcomed it. It was a pretty interesting character arc, even at the time, for a wee child like myself. Maybe too interesting!
I had never heard of a superhero having to go through something like that at the time. One with a wife like Jean, so I was immediately swept up in my own Atom mania. That and I knew he ruled.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sword of the Atom: Action pin-up Part 2!

This here action pin-up just happens to be for the next issue, so I felt it appropriate to put it up beforehand. You understand?

And seriously, the only thing better than an Atom pin-up is an Atom pin-up featuring battle frog. And look at the expression on that thing (click pic for closeup of battle frog expression). They're either about to land on something sharp and hot, or he's about to swallow him 2 or 3 alien guards. Either way I love it.

This was of course, at one time, featured on my wall. With pins in it. It is after all, a pin-up. You can have Bettie Paige, I'll take SOTA!
So of course I had to re-acquire the series later on in adulthood and resist the temptation to yank the pin-ups out again and plaster my walls with them and/or send them to DC offices with specific instructions on what I want my SOTA playset to look like.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sword of the Atom - Book 3: Mourning's End

Conceived by Gil Kane (art) and Jan Strnad (script)

Without further interruption...

When we left off here, the Atom was about to impale himself on a poisonous spear, held at him by Voss, one of Taren's men. Ray of course thwarts the attempt to end himself by said spear, and gives Voss a slight throttling. Having been charmed by this attempt at his life, and the loyalty in which Voss exhibits towards Taren, Ray chooses him as second in command. A fine lesson for the children.
Taren is amazed that the Atom would choose a man that just tried to take his life, and Laethwen is amazed at how warm she is for the Atom's form.
Meanwhile, evil right hand monk man, Deraegis suggest that the king activate the star drive (for his own evil purposes of course), but king says nay. He actually says it would be the "work of a madman! It's unstable," which is why they shut it down in the first place.
Deraegis scampers off all hurt, but his own power hungry drive only feeds the evil doings.

Back at the Palmer residence, Jean has been given the only thing found of Ray... his ring. Believing him to still be alive, she books a flight to Brazil, and fully intends to use her powers of insanity to track him down.

Back in the jungle an animal stampede goes down! But what causes animals of all shapes, sizes and species, to run like hell, completely ignoring each other?
A serious army of ants. It's true.
Laethwen and Voss climb to the safety of a tall tree, while the Atom retrieves the blind Taren (whom he had to clock to get moving) from the path of the army.
But Taren has had enough. He informs Ray of what a good friend he has been, and swan dives off the branch into the swarm.

Ugh. Things gotta be real bad...

The Atom slays a few rogue ants all the while telling himself he's not yet worthy of Taren's position of merry men band leader.

Deraegis, being informed of Taren's death, knows that an attack on the city will soon occur. And with this ever welcome news of death, he also knows that he is next in line for the king's crown. Which will assuredly come soon, what with everyone pissed off and blaming the current sap.

Back in the death dealing jungle, mourning comes and goes leaving love in the air!

That Palmer...

Is it too soon? Lady, your previous love just died 3 pages ago. Who can blame her though? Look at Ray's hair.

At the same time Ray's previous love, Senora Loring, is at a bar downing drinks and assuring no one in particular that she'll find her husband.

The time has come. The time to earn that good life. To our frogs! To Morlaidh!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Super Amigos: Hawkman!

First things first.

I invite you to click on that picture for a full sized blast.

Now, I sat down here with the intentions of finding an image of bagged Super Amigos Hawkman figure on the internet. Perhaps a fine representation. Then I thought, "it would be criminal not to show the world (uh huh) the one I've got sitting in front of me." I also figured this may very well mark the first time bagged Hawkman Super Amigos action figure makes an image appearance on the internet. If this is the case, what a special day indeed.


While this is the day I generally post non-Atom related things, this also marks the first solo appearance (I think) of Hawkman (sort of) on the T3. I had toyed with the idea of incorporating the gobs of Hawkman stuff I have on here, and then I toyed with spinning off into separate bloggery. This had led to various people (Hawkman fans?) emailing and informing me that I must share my Hawkman stuff, whether it be here or in separate bloggery. If I were to post Hawkman things here once a week, I would eventually run out of steam with Atom stuff (I cringe to think of it) and still be left with an abundance of things Hawkman, for there is a great deal.

Point is, I still don't know what I'm doing, and anyone who started reading this has already gone off to another site by now.

Back to that figure: What a beauty. As you can see, the figure and packaging is in mint condition.
I remember when I first laid eyes on it. I knew it had to be mine.
I remember wondering why anyone, after the creation of this, would ever make another action figure. Like, ever again. Once someone has reached perfection on something, isn't it time for everyone else to just politely applaud, cut their losses, and attempt something else?

Now, the winged wonder here doesn't have a mace. As far as I know, the package hasn't been opened, aside from Carter's foot bursting out through the bottom, so it may have not come with this particular figure.
Although as far as I know, someone not involved with the creation of this treasure stuck it in a crinkly plastic bag, and stapled it to this fine piece of artwork. In fact, I hope that's what happened, because the paint here looks as though some child got into his mom's makeup case and went to town.
And because the artwork is obscured by the slight bend in the card, I'll provide a marginally better one here. At no extra cost!

No way, Jose! ::wink::

I welcome any Super Amigos expert (or anyone who just knows more than myself... it's not hard) to come on down and fill in the blanks, either on here or through email. Help explain the difference between my (soon to be shown... somewhere) carded Amigo, and crinkly bagged, paint sneezed on amigo.

Update: It's not really an update, actually. I found myself staring at this thing, and it occurred to me I think my favorite part of the whole deal is that his wings aren't attached. They're just folded behind him in the "package."

I have to believe the founders of this gem wanted kids to feel as though they were part of the creative process. The building process. So as a child, after selecting and bringing home your Hawkman bootleg, you, and only you, were the one responsible for providing Hawkman the ability of flight.

Wow... thanks bagged Super Amigos people!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Atom and Hawkman trading card

This card came in a sheet of other cards and you were instructed to cut along the dotted lines, then proceed to collect them all. This one is part of the "Great Teams" category of the set, and the Joe Kubert art is taken from The Atom and Hawkman #45, which incidentally, was the last issue of an epic Atom and Hawkman run.
And because the cover of the comic isn't enough, whomever is responsible for these things has taken to including ballistic designs on the outer edges. Reminiscent of a trapper keeper. Way to go.

The back of the card reads:
"Fellow Justice Leaguers Atom and Hawkman - the Titan and the Fury - found they worked well together, their individual powers and abilities frequently melding into a finely tuned crimefighting machine."

So true.

Put out in 1989, the Titan and the Fury were on a sheet with some strange company, including Geo-Force, Black Manta, Man*Bat, Justice League Europe, Black Hand, The Phantom Stranger, and Halo.

There's more of these sweet babies to come, so no worries. You're excited.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Atom subscription offer!

I found this whilst joyously reading through an early Atom comic.

Not only could you be the first in your neighborhood to read each issue of The Atom... but you could save money too.
Ten issues for a buck. It's mental. Why it's like finding twenty cents. Sheer madness...

I'm just an absolute sucker for old ads. They charm the socks directly off my feet (unfortunately for them).
The art used for this particular ad though... it would look to me as though some guy is grabbing for The Atom, and he's waving their hand away.

Waving their hand away?

Rear back and clock them! Get people to read this thing! Nobody wants to read about the little doll man who scampers around and waves people away when they go for him.

"Unghhh! Get awaaaaay!"

Maybe I read too much into it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sword of the Atom - Book Two: A Choice of Dooms

Script: Jan Strnad - Art: Gil Kane

When we left off, our hero and his rebellious new friend, Taren, were dumped in a chamber quickly filling with rats. It was there that I cleverly unleashed the phrase, "aww rats." But before I can make anymore rat jokes, the chamber begins to fill with gas, and someone ushers The Atom and friend out.
But who?
Why it's the King's little monkish advisor/right hand man, Deraegis!
But why?
Ah yes, of course. So that the two of them can get dumped into an arena and fight to the death.
Taren and The Atom square off in what the crowd hopes will be a gladiatorial battle for the ages. Except someone has made sure it couldn't possibly be...

Having been blinded, then blindfolded (way to pour it on) it's obvious Taren needs some new friends.
Not surprisingly, The Atom absolutely refuses to fight a blind man, reserving all beatings for those who can see... or at least have some device that sees for them.
Surprisingly, the crowd wants no part of this, and shouts things like "boo," and "unfair!"
See, part of the charm of SOTA is the caring gladiator/death match audience.

The crowd calls for the Kings head, not knowing he had nothing to do with it. But who...

Deraegis! He is the one responsible for he is eeeviiil!

Princess Laethwen and her band of merry men show up to take the hero's (now that he's been blinded he's a hero, k) away from the rioting crowds and the mad monkish advisors. Besides, Laethwen and Taren... they're an item.

Ray drubs some guards, grabs Taren, and hops on a battle frog (which incidentally I could never understand why I wasn't getting a playset of. Still don't...)
Whilst riding frog, Ray gets lost in thought, and begins to have war flashbacks of himself and Jean. He begins to question life, such as which one is safer? The Amazon jungle with tyrants, mad monks, giant snakes, lizards, rats, and where every step you take could be your last?

Or with Jean?

Upon stopping, Laethwen tells him their story. How they were sent to Earth decades ago to set up a penal colony. But without continued support from their home, each generation fell apart more and more. And here they are.

Meanwhile, the mad monk advisor continues to tell the King one thing, do another, and tell the people of the city that it was the King's idea. What a little bitch.
Our 3 meet up with Taren's gang, complete with very suspicious idiot Voss, who is awfully concerned about this costumed fellow.
The Atom and Voss throw down, and while it's short lived, it ends in a great little action sequence where The Atom leaps, is in mid-air when both combatants notice that Voss landed next to a poison arrow. One that can be simply held up in the air for anyone gliding through the air to easily impale themselves on.

The book ends with a seriously worried Jean, laying in bed... phoning the guy she was making out with in the car. See, she needs someone to talk to. Not to worry, he's coming over!

Gotta love that girl.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sword of the Atom - Book One: Stormy Passage

Conceived by Gil Kane (art) and Jan Strnad (script)

Oh Ray. Dear, dear Ray...

You're driving Jean crazy, you are.
A pacing Ray Palmer wonders where his wife is. After all, she said she would be back.
Was that headlights?
Ray runs out into the rain to investigate headlights only to find Jean lip locked with some dude.
She's got a dude.

Everybody loves Raymond.

This of course doesn't go over that well, but Jean immediately goes on the offensive and blames it all on Ray.

Between research and running around as that Atom character, husbandry duties are being shirked here. Who could blame Jean for anything she does from this point on, eh?

Ray needs a vacation.
He decides to hire a small plane with a two man crew to take him over the Amazon jungle in search of a piece of white dwarf star material he believes landed there. He plans to locate such a small thing in such a vast area using a scintillation detector.
Getting a reading, Dr. Palmer wishes to fly closer, but... ah yes, the two men are involved in cocaine smuggling and Ray Ray has just gotten too close.
An on-plane brawl ensues - booo
Someone shrinks - yay!
A shot is fired - booo
The shrinker easily knocks out bad guy - yay!
The first shot finds a home in the pilot, and the plane is going down with The Atom hanging on the cargo door.

The Atom lands in some refreshing Amazonian water, takes a nap, and wakes to find that he can't work his size controls and would appear to be stuck at a height of six inches.
To further a slap in the face, a particularly nasty jungle snake had decided The Atom would make a nice snack. Without the ability to control his size or shift his weight to give him that atomic knockout punch, he's just a lil guy against giant jungle animals.

It's then that tiny poisonous arrows glide through the air, slaying the beast, and saving The Atom from having to do some fancy footwork.
But who shot these arrows?

Why it's a race of six inch jungle aliens!
With nobody knowing what the other is and not speaking the same language, this lilliputian race ties The Atom up (no fight put up by him of course) and brings him back to their jungle kingdom.

It's here that our hero finds the joint to be under the control of a mini-tyrant, along with some unhappy people. The Atom sides with another six inch alien prisoner upon his beating and jumps into action choosing to throw down with the guards. Holding up very well, sheer numbers over take him, and the two are dumped in a subsurface chamber.Aw rats.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

All New Atom #19

Written by Keith Champagne/Penciled by Jerry Ordway

Ladronn's cover here features some great cave work and some very cool creatures, but The Atom looks gangly AND lumpy... and nothing like what he will appear as throughout the entire story line. He also equips himself in the story with a sweet red flare for spelunking, which adds to the gorgeous lighting.Not that flat book light he's wielding there. Hey, it would have

We've got a guest team putting this one together, so break out the Champagne! (groan somewhere else)

After a team of spelunkers led by one of Ivy Town's own professor's goes missing, someone has got to go down there after them.This is why superheroes are good to have around. Particularly ones that can shrink and stuff.

All the Atom does down there is stumble upon an Ivy Town set back a few hundred years and steeped in ghastly horrors. An abundance of cannibalism, random executions, and extreme ugliness rule the roost here. Just another day in Ivy Town...

A man's gotta eat!

Choi gets bonked on the head by a C.H.U.D., and awakens to find himself firmly secured next to his newest best friend, Panda. Shortly thereafter, a man who calls himself Phineas Cadmish waltzes up, informs the two of what a gentleman he is, then starts handing out the slaps!

With Phineas dragging Panda off for what will almost assuredly be "no good," Ryan is in a bit of a pickle. Fortunately, what he's got going for him is that ol Atom charm! A seriously "misunderstood" underground Ivy Town school girl finds herself lost in Ryan's eyes, and therefore becomes his ticket out of wood prison.

I've already said (and shown) enough.

This is a nice little guest spot. It's cool that you can get into a 5 or 6 book long storyline with this character, and then dive into a quick wrapper upper like this one.
Champagne has spun a nifty little horror story here, and his Ryan is different, but still likable. His sense of humor is not quite as quirky, yet whenever he's laying them down, they're full of an almost depressed sarcasm. The storyline of this one, and all that happened before this issue is almost certainly responsible for Ryan's behavior, but it was definitely interesting to read him like that.

Jerry Ordway brings his gorgeous style to this comic for an all too brief stint. His work here is beautiful, and seriously appreciated. The man whips together a very atmospheric under ground Ivy Town, and I adore the lighting in his all too brief cave sequences. I would like to see what he could do with the real Ivy Town.

Next issue, Simone and Norton return for their final hurrah, where after they will be replaced by Rick Remender and Pat Olliffe for #22.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Atom: Who's Who Entry

Ray Palmer, that's who.

Compliments of continuous T3 provider Rob Kelly this here is The Atom's Who's Who page.
The art was done by a man named Gil Kane and I freakin love it! I wish for my walls to be papered in such beauty. Of course I'd be alone...
Check out that Sword of the Atom Ray jumping out at you (Sword of the Atom, coming up, I swear). Look at it again. Aaaah!

The entry here goes into the small relationship troubles Ray and Jean had. Of course if it were to be updated it might mention that she went full hilt and causes epic horrors regardless of what planet she's on, or perhaps just in space.

They just get better and better, and I will not withhold them! Anybody who's who anybody will keep checking back to see more.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Red Tornado Shrine: Custom Red Tornado Lego!

I saw this custom Red Tornado Lego and thought about how far Reddy has come, that he's getting into merchandise with all the heavy hitters, you can build your own whilst collecting various others, and he's in the spot light enough that there are those out there making customs of him. And pretty damn cool ones too.
And he'll always have that hostess ad...

This one was made my Mark Marquez, of Mark's Toy Corner, and he's got quite the knack for putting these little guys together.
Of course I won't just throw any old custom into my collections, but you have to make exceptions for your seriously lacking in stuff, low on the totem pole B-listers. You don't actually have to, but I occasionally do.

I believe he's got one for you too, Frank.

Thanks Mark!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Model and Toy Collector #24

I really like this cover here, done by Brian Clarke. I get a very comfortable feel from it. Of course I'm very strange...

But seriously, what a beautiful picture! The JLA sitting around, playing the Flash board game. Just having a good ol time taking a break from the wear and tear of everyday super hero life.

Anything missing?

Well, rumor has it that after catching the Flash cheating (at his own board game) for the third time, and with Ollie stirring the pot, the Martian Manhunter, (who was apparently not doing so well) got up from the table and murmured ,"This is b.s., and that game sucks. I'm outta here."
There's also tell of Aquaman, in a rare burst of on-land anger, heaving his chair across the room.

I also suspect that no one knows Ray is actually even standing on the table.

This was actually a very cool magazine to rifle through even aside from all the JLA goodness. It's from 1993, so it was fun to see what the kids were building waaaaay back then.
There's a whole JLA custom section in it, and I just had to share.

First up we've got a Hawkman custom featuring The Atom!
I believe this was made from a Superman aurora kit, and Carter looks pretty good.
I don't know what the hell Ray is doing.
Cheering Hawkman on?
Raising the roof?
Must be difficult for the man Hawk to fly around and stuff having to palm Palmer like that.
Maybe he's practicing his table waiting skills...

Over here you've got custom Hal, Jonah Jones, and Arthur.
Hal looks like he may be a nice custom.
MM looks afraid.

Now what the hell is Aquaman doing? Has he gone and tied some rope to a manta ray for skiing purposes? I just can't believe he did that.
He always seemed like such a nice guy.
He was always so quiet, kept to himself...

Subscribe today!

What the...

The Martian Manhunter up front and Batman squoze in behind!?

Somebody call somebody! Whoever is responsible for this obviously did not get the memo.

And The Atom has no face. Maybe it's a kewpie doll.

Moving on, there's a custom Atom in the left hand corner! Looks like it may be a nice little figure, unfortunately the picture is so dark I'll just never know.
If Pete Dibenedetto would like to send me this (and any other) custom Atom pieces, I will happily show them in full light on the T3.
The Tiny Titan accepts no responsibility for lost or kept items sent to The Tiny Titan, unless you really, really want them back. But things get lost, yanno...

And last but not least, conceptualized superhero kits. Kits that these people think should have been made.

Sweet moses are they right. I'll take 10 of those Atom's. That Aquaman would be fantastic as well I would think. Who wouldn't want a Jonah Jones kit?
Flash and GL get quite enough, thanks.

It goes to show (in 1993 anyway) that there are other people out there whom demand B-list merchandise!

It's cool though, keep churning out different variations of the same group forcing people to make their own crap.