May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Friday, November 30, 2007

Atom switchplate

I'm not big on adding custom things to a collection of mine, but I'm slightly flexible when it comes to Ray. Being that Dr. Palmer wasn't really a part of neat-o things such as backpacks and rulers and the like, if someone takes the time to do a nice job of adding him to something as random as a switchplate, I'm all for it.
This was in with a bunch of other switchplates in a nice setup, all featuring those household name heroes, so I was kinda excited someone decided to include Ray.
I taunted, "ha Hal Jordan! Looks like you didn't make the cut this time!"
Of course it had already been purchased, but it was a small victory all the same.

Point is, I need therapy.

All New Atom #14

Perhaps you've heard tell of one of the finer moments from this issue.

"Stupid jetpack Hitler."

That's right. Ryan, Donna Troy, Jason Todd, and the monitor head down to the microscopic city living on the edge of the ass of Choi's dog. From here they work themselves into "Have in," where they meet up with Ted Kord and others, only to find that someone cracked open the gates of hell. Enter jetpack Hitler and a swarm of other severely random baddies. To say any more would be to ruin things, and I'm not doing this to review the issues. I'm putting them up here just in case you didn't know you should be reading them.

Seriously, you should be checking them out if for nothing else than to see what the floating head will do next.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Justice League Unlimited action figure

Time to start working in some action figures here, as there are just so many I don't know when I'll ever have enough time in life to fit them all in.

For whatever reason, Atom figures haven't really been all that popular until recently. And by that I mean there weren't any. Perhaps it was due to the size of the hero, although I don't really recall many toy lines putting figures out there to scale.
While the DC Direct Palmer figure is so beautiful (and will be bloggered in due time), this one here is pretty cool in it's own right. If you're releasing an 'action" figure, it's got to come with an accessory. These toy companies are starting to get some smarts.

He comes with his own Atom! It's just too good. As with the DC direct Palmer, I have loose figures as well, because they like to travel in my pocket with me from time to time, and join myself and friends for coffee.
It would appear that no one likes to travel with me when Ray is traveling with me, but that's too bad.
Groan "ugh, this again," and "does he really have to have his own seat?" all you want guys, I will not back down!

Sword of the All New Atom #13

I'm fast forwarding here. Not because 6-12 weren't worth it, but because I'm frankly just taking too long and want to get into this stuff. The title here has been changed to Sword of the All New Atom, and he cover from Ladronn obviously have a very Gil Kane feel to it. Oh, and it's pretty damn cool.

And as you can see, it also informs you that within this issue begins "The Hunt for Ray Palmer." Anybody who's anybody is doing it.

The previous issue ended with Ryan finding out that the guy that's been giving him helpful secret messages is none other than Chronos! A seriously conceited Chronos might I add.
Here Chronos takes Ryan to South America where Ray spent his days in... well, Sword of the Atom.
This issue, complete with frog riding and arena based rattlesnake fighting, really grabs a hold of the tone that this whole title has been built on so far... which is weirdness. It's really just a weird comic. But it's a good weird (what?).

It's worth checking out for the methods of a primitive miniature society alone, and of course for Choi slaying rattlesnakes. If that's not enough, it leaves you off with Ryan running into Donna Troy, Jason Todd, and a monitor, with them insisting that he join them to help find our Ray.

Good times.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Atom card?

That's right. This one is a real treat. Looks like a Dwayne Turner Power of the Atom card to me, with a really sweet background. It's got all sorts of assorted stats on the back, for some RPG I'm assuming.

Hero Points: 90

Is that out of 100? Seems pretty good. Unless Airwave is running around with like a 238 somewhere.

All New Atom #5

The good times continue to roll. You've got more mayhem thanks to the micro-sized alien group the "waiting," some serious fun from Dwarfstar, and some sweet gadgets. Oh, and Ricky Robot! boo-ya.
Simone continues to write the Ryan and co. with a great sense of humor that fits in perfectly with the action. Dwarfstar, while at this point a pretty straightforward villain personality wise, has some serious added coolness due to the fact that he's basically... an evil Atom. Eddy Barrows does some nice work here, but you don't have to take my word for it.

Catch up so that you don't miss out on what everyone is talking about at the water cooler.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Justice League party loot bags!

Here's a hot item at the tiny titan... The Atom is on there. Can you find him?

Keep looking.
You did it! Congratulations, you found The Atom, the world's smallest superhero! (although there's some bug running around at Marvel...)

That's right, Justice League Unlimited party loot bags. Yasee, they're bags (a 6 pack in this case) that you fill up with goodies for the attendees at whatever particular Justice League party the child (or adult) is attending.

Or in this case, it's the only JLU item I have found so far that features The Atom, action figures aside. Not even the night light has him. Not even on the package which features everyone and their mommas. Have to make room for Green Arrow's boxing glove arrow...
That aside, the JLU has given me some entertaining and completely random items featuring the Red Tornado and Dr. Fate. Thanks guys!

Now if only DC would listen to me and put out a children's activity book called "The Search for Ray Palmer," featuring things such as what we did here, but a little more involved. Where's Waldoish. I've been doing it for years. It's about time the kids stretch their minds with it!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Justice League tv pilot 1997

Recently I was engaged in a conversation regarding the wonder that is the potential upcoming JLA film, which will almost certainly be sans Atom, and it led to this.

For starters, holy crap. Actually, for starters let me say that the scanner isn't working because children thought it would make a nice seat, so when someone plasters their logo or whatever across something, it's going to stay there unless I can find a better picture online.

Now, holy crap.

I purchased this here photo from the 1997 Justice League tv pilot, for obvious reasons. That's not the new American Gladiator... that's Ray Palmer.

Anyone who's ever even seen the cover of a JLA comic... or any comic for that matter, can tell what a treat this thing is just by the pictures. But it really needs to be seen for the full effect.

I unfortunately do not own that photo there, but it needed to be put up. There are your heroes. That's Guy Gardner donning the blue GL suit. Don't tell me no, it is. I don't care what his outfit, hair style, or attitude is like.

This show was based on something along the lines of everyday folk trying to lead their everyday lives whilst performing superhero duties. Sure, that's been done. And well. But here...

The Atom, portrayed by the Cryptkeeper John Kassir, is generally thought of as having an above average intelligence, and a slight gift with technology. His whole super hero dealio is based on that. In this show, aside from having the worst costume to ever be put on a living thing in the history of mankind and a wee paunch to boot, he's a middling science teacher who cannot repair everyday appliances.

And J'onn J'onzz (not pictured there), portrayed by a fairly capable actor in David Ogden Stiers, is rotund.

It never aired in America (what!) but if you're hungry enough, you can score yourself a copy.

And you're hungry. It's your civic duty.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The All New Atom Heroclix

Ryan Choi Heroclix figure things are just showing up at my doorstep unannounced! Soon I'll have enough to form my own army, not that I would have had any trouble before.
I admittedly know very little about this game, other than I have multiple figures such as the one pictured above, and that the base is about the size of a 50 cent piece. They're pretty cool though.

And as far as I can tell, they don't make a Ray Palmer version. What the hell is that about? Someone let me know what the hell that's about. Unless they do, in which case start sending!

That's about it.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The All New Atom #4

Eddy Barrows taking over here for Byrne in the art department.

This stuff just keeps getting better and better. #4 starts off with The Atom in an impenetrable sphere, towards the back of the throat of Giganta, the giant woman who tossed him into her mouth. Choi has to find a way to get out of the sphere, or get the sphere out of her, as she fights the smooth talking bug aliens. And it’s all so well written and enjoyable.

Meanwhile, Dwarfstar pays a visit to Ryan’s new best friend.

Did I mention Dwarfstar is badass?

DC vs. Marvel impact cards

I do enjoy this DC vs.Marvel Impact insert card with the Atom kicking Cyclops's buttocks. Came out in 1995 with wicked cool art by Julie Bell.

The All New Atom #3

With a villain more badass than Chronos's pants, I give you...

This is a cover I can get behind, compliments of Ariel Olivetti. The Atom about to touchdown on a wide eye is a nice image.

Now, this is a fun issue. You’ve got Dwarfstar suiting up for the first time, and confirming the fact that if done properly… one can recite poetry and be completely badass. It’s not easy kids, but with hard work, it can be done.

Then you’ve got still seriously wet behind the ears Ryan Choi in his first serious action as The Atom. First in the sewers fighting buggy droids, then on a date with a forceful broad who turns out to have a bubbly, puss patch on her back and problems with turning into a 30 foot tall Giganta!

Give The All New Atom a look see people. While we’re all waiting on the edge of our seats (right?) for Ray to resurface, Ryan is having quite a run in his own series.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure animation cel

This, from The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, is one of my favorite cels.

Nice shot of The Atom launching himself as some poor, unsuspecting s.o.b. who obviously already has a headache.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The All New Atom #2

I like the tone of the cover here, it’s all spooky and stuff, but Choi looks like a square jawed roids freak, and he’s certainly not that in the comic itself.

In this, the second issue, you get Ryan’s first crack at The Atom, although he’s sort of forced into the situation. As a result, he bumbles around a bit and struggles mightily with the whole size changing deal. It begins to delve into some Atom action, and you can start to get an idea of what Choi will be like as said super hero, and it promises to be a good time.

Towards the end you get a small glimpse into a guy who will become Dwarfstar, a worthy villain adversary, which the Atom series (any Atom series) severely needs.

JSA #54:Thanksgiving

I was about to put something else up here and then remembered it's some kind of holiday. And with the holiday being what it is, I give thanks for this issue of JSA.

With The Atom pulling a show stopper on the cover!

Oh yes kids, he's a goofball he is. Everyone on the cover is certainly enjoying it.

This is a fun issue with lots of Thanksgiving goodies, tops of course being those two nuts The Atom and Hawkman trying to sneak some early turkey!

I'm also thankful for my top notch family, and anyone who reads any of this. Happy Thanksgiving all!

The All New Atom #1

I'm giving out double doses here at the Atom bloggage. Since I'm mega-behind on enlightening people on the All New Atom series, and people need to start getting copies or it's going to go away, I'll run through the issues and tell you why you should already own it. I also don't want people to have that empty pit in their stomach from lack of Atom stuff, so I'll keep throwing those up. Who knows what might happen. It's just unpredictable and scary here.

I'll just get it out of the way and say I'm not crazy about Ariel Olivetti's cover here.

Gail Simone and John Byrne together again. I am a Simone fan.

As for the comic itself, we're introduced to Ryan Choi, longtime correspondent of Dr. Ray Palmer, and his replacement at the university in Ivy Town. Now you may have to be in full comic book mode to accept Choi as a professor of anything, as he looks young, and acts... a bit immature. But he's very excitable! #1 is a fine "getting to know ya" issue that people like me fully embrace and people just picking the comic up with no real prior knowledge might be turned off to. It's not really action packed (although the Atom has never exactly been one to just slap bad guys around, eh), but it's a swell first issue.

There's mention and homage to Palmer on almost every page, and you half expect to see him pop up in a frame sooner or later. He's there in spirit!

You get yourself a good feel for Choi right off the bat, and he's a fine replacement (although there's no replacement necessary!) for Ray Ray. Ryan, while being of the mold superheroes are built on, comes off a genuinely nerdy and gung ho about all things science. He dives into it all head first and sorts it out later. This first issue sets a feeling for Ivy Town that just gets better as the series goes on. Very off kilter.

If for nothing else, it's worth turning to page two and seeing Supes, Hal, WW, Bats, and Hawgirl tied up.

Start checking it out!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Defenders of Freedom shirt and the usual business

While I'm attempting to get things in order around here, I figured I'd start off with something that while fairly common, basically sums up what one must go through to get their hands on an abundance of items featuring The Atom. All the more fun doing your shopping online.

This is a shirt I had been checking out for a little while, but I could never get a decent enlarged image of it. The inclusion of the Hawkman or Ollie is usually reason enough for purchase, but I was kind of pissed that an item featuring Firestorm, Ralph, and a few other chuckleheads would be sans Palmer.
Yet this past weekend at the Hotel Penn comic con, I saw the shirt and had everyone step back so I could give it the full Atom search.

There he is! Hanging out on Batman's shoulder. His blending in with J'onn J'onzz's strappage doesn't help. Now of course I drew the usual funny look from the vendor who slowly shuffled over to offer his help (right before shouting for some) and I informed him I had found what I was looking for.

Of course some may ask that if I need a magnifying glass to see someone on my shirt, is it really worth it?

Don't be silly.

Incidentally, in looking at stuff to put up on here, I stumbled across some
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez stock art, of the same picture, and there's the Atom clear as day. Putz.

I'd also like to point out that my super awesome banner was graciously done for me by Rob Kelly of the aquaman shrine, the JLA satellite, and various other bloody brilliant bloggery.
Do yourselves a favor and check out his work.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The search for Ray Palmer... stuff.

Size does matter.

This will be a shrine (!) of sorts devoted to the little guy, The Atom. I'll throw in some Al Pratt every now and then, but it's mostly for Ray Ray and newcomer Ryan Choi. Now, there currently isn't nearly as much memorabilia sweetness out there for The Atom (he certainly never got his own aquarium), as there would be someone on the A team, but finding Ray Palmer on various items has always been a fun (or severely frustrating) game and I'll share with you all I've got. And I've managed to accumulate quite a bit.

Comic book wise, I'll start off with the current Atom series featuring Ryan Choi, in case anyone actually ever reads any of this, and I manage to get someone interested in a series that's actually still running.

That's about it. I'll push forward and attempt my extraordinarily low rent, 2 bit shrine for a hero that deserves better.