May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Monday, November 26, 2007

Justice League tv pilot 1997

Recently I was engaged in a conversation regarding the wonder that is the potential upcoming JLA film, which will almost certainly be sans Atom, and it led to this.

For starters, holy crap. Actually, for starters let me say that the scanner isn't working because children thought it would make a nice seat, so when someone plasters their logo or whatever across something, it's going to stay there unless I can find a better picture online.

Now, holy crap.

I purchased this here photo from the 1997 Justice League tv pilot, for obvious reasons. That's not the new American Gladiator... that's Ray Palmer.

Anyone who's ever even seen the cover of a JLA comic... or any comic for that matter, can tell what a treat this thing is just by the pictures. But it really needs to be seen for the full effect.

I unfortunately do not own that photo there, but it needed to be put up. There are your heroes. That's Guy Gardner donning the blue GL suit. Don't tell me no, it is. I don't care what his outfit, hair style, or attitude is like.

This show was based on something along the lines of everyday folk trying to lead their everyday lives whilst performing superhero duties. Sure, that's been done. And well. But here...

The Atom, portrayed by the Cryptkeeper John Kassir, is generally thought of as having an above average intelligence, and a slight gift with technology. His whole super hero dealio is based on that. In this show, aside from having the worst costume to ever be put on a living thing in the history of mankind and a wee paunch to boot, he's a middling science teacher who cannot repair everyday appliances.

And J'onn J'onzz (not pictured there), portrayed by a fairly capable actor in David Ogden Stiers, is rotund.

It never aired in America (what!) but if you're hungry enough, you can score yourself a copy.

And you're hungry. It's your civic duty.


rob! said...

am i crazy to say this--i actually kind of liked it?

yeah yeah, its SO NOT the JLA--its more Friends meets the X-Men--but i thought it had a fun sense of humor and a certain respect for the characters, in that it didnt make them all look stupid.

that said, the Atom got the least decent treatment of the bunch. but hey, at least they used him! better than his last live action TV appearance, talking with Rona Barrett, discussing his upcoming marriage to Giganta!

Plaidstallions said...

I liked the pilot when I saw it, this is before I got spoiled by the animated show.

Their costumes at least in my horribly grainy copy had a "Spandex and foam Rubber" quality to them, it's a shock to see this picture and see what it really looked like.

"The Roast" has a better Atom....

Owen said...

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