May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Justice League party loot bags!

Here's a hot item at the tiny titan... The Atom is on there. Can you find him?

Keep looking.
You did it! Congratulations, you found The Atom, the world's smallest superhero! (although there's some bug running around at Marvel...)

That's right, Justice League Unlimited party loot bags. Yasee, they're bags (a 6 pack in this case) that you fill up with goodies for the attendees at whatever particular Justice League party the child (or adult) is attending.

Or in this case, it's the only JLU item I have found so far that features The Atom, action figures aside. Not even the night light has him. Not even on the package which features everyone and their mommas. Have to make room for Green Arrow's boxing glove arrow...
That aside, the JLU has given me some entertaining and completely random items featuring the Red Tornado and Dr. Fate. Thanks guys!

Now if only DC would listen to me and put out a children's activity book called "The Search for Ray Palmer," featuring things such as what we did here, but a little more involved. Where's Waldoish. I've been doing it for years. It's about time the kids stretch their minds with it!


rob! said...

as i said to you before, that "Where's The Atom?" book idea is BRILLIANT.

get Marvel to go in on it and do a "Find the Atom and Ant-Man"!

Damian said...

My best bet was probably trying to get in on some of that animated Justice League merchandising bonanza.