May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Saturday, January 19, 2008

DC favorites subscription ad

I'll take the lot!

I found this uber sweet offer in an old Atom issue. Feel free to click the pic for enlargment, no pills necessary.
Obviously if I'm reading an Atom comic, chances are I probably like comics, know all about the subscriptions being offered here, and need little else to make the drool fall from my mouth.

However, if I were a non-comics fan and saw this ad... eh. Let's have a peek through the windows:

The first guy up would appear to be shrinking. Either that, or he's like one of those Russian egg toys where you keep opening him up and there's a smaller one in side (somebody call DC!). That's interesting. To me anyway. Apparently not to everybody though...

Second window, it's obviously Batman but it's called Detective. Perhaps the child with the zorro mask is the detective. They seriously couldn't find better art to use here? We get it, Batman AND Robin are in this.

That third window... what the hell is Robin Hood doing wearing red gloves and hanging out with some bald green dude deep in thought?
Actually, that would probably be enough to make me go out, right then and there, and purchase this comic. What's it called? The Brave and Bold? Wonder who's who, I'm there.

Move on down to this Justice League. There's some familiar faces, except that guy in the orange shirt and green gloves is obviously not wearing pants, so that's strange. And there would appear to be a small rocket flying over their heads.
General running, I love it.

Awesome, Superman talking to a... this time, pink bald man deep in thought. Wow, that looks exciting, let me pick that up. I know Superman flies and is strong and can do everything else and stuff, but he's running in that Justice League so this may be the comic where he stands around talking.

Batman! Robin too! Running in an Egyptian tomb! Pyramids?! Seriously, sign me up!

Okay, this ad probably doesn't deserve harsh punishment. It probably shouldn't even warrant more than a "oh word to my mother, look at that."

But I was looking at it, saw the Supes ad, and thought "what the hell is that?"

To be honest (I don't think it's bias, but I can't be certain), the Atom panel is the only one where I felt like I would think "hmm, I wonder what's going on there, let me check that out."

Which would be ironic, because...


rob! said...

i guess DC was so confident in the sales of the Superman and Batman books they saw no need to use any sort of exciting panel or pose.

the other rejected panels were "Clark Kent Types At His Desk" and "Bruce Wayne Re-Sods The Front Lawn of Wayne Manor."

Diabolu Frank said...

You're right about the Atom shot have the most "umph." But why is the archer shooting at the green guy? Evil mastermind? In fact, did the green guy telepathically break the string on the bow? That dude is a threat, yo!

Detective-- maybe this is like a Law & Order: SVU kind of thing. The cropping makes the image look vaguely unwholesome...

Damian said...

You're absolutely right. I didn't even realize that the archer guy could quite possibly be shooting at the greenish bald man.

There could have been a whole post about that little window.

Invisible arrow?
It's already been shot, but at who? The green man? That would mean red gloved robin hood is a terrible shot.

ha, I didn't even notice the bow string was all over the place. What happened there? There's comics gold in the works if someone takes these two, tightens up the story and puts it out. Definitely keep the story line where greenish bald man continues to foul up red gloved Robin with his mind.