May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Monday, January 14, 2008

Super Amigos: Hawkman!

First things first.

I invite you to click on that picture for a full sized blast.

Now, I sat down here with the intentions of finding an image of bagged Super Amigos Hawkman figure on the internet. Perhaps a fine representation. Then I thought, "it would be criminal not to show the world (uh huh) the one I've got sitting in front of me." I also figured this may very well mark the first time bagged Hawkman Super Amigos action figure makes an image appearance on the internet. If this is the case, what a special day indeed.


While this is the day I generally post non-Atom related things, this also marks the first solo appearance (I think) of Hawkman (sort of) on the T3. I had toyed with the idea of incorporating the gobs of Hawkman stuff I have on here, and then I toyed with spinning off into separate bloggery. This had led to various people (Hawkman fans?) emailing and informing me that I must share my Hawkman stuff, whether it be here or in separate bloggery. If I were to post Hawkman things here once a week, I would eventually run out of steam with Atom stuff (I cringe to think of it) and still be left with an abundance of things Hawkman, for there is a great deal.

Point is, I still don't know what I'm doing, and anyone who started reading this has already gone off to another site by now.

Back to that figure: What a beauty. As you can see, the figure and packaging is in mint condition.
I remember when I first laid eyes on it. I knew it had to be mine.
I remember wondering why anyone, after the creation of this, would ever make another action figure. Like, ever again. Once someone has reached perfection on something, isn't it time for everyone else to just politely applaud, cut their losses, and attempt something else?

Now, the winged wonder here doesn't have a mace. As far as I know, the package hasn't been opened, aside from Carter's foot bursting out through the bottom, so it may have not come with this particular figure.
Although as far as I know, someone not involved with the creation of this treasure stuck it in a crinkly plastic bag, and stapled it to this fine piece of artwork. In fact, I hope that's what happened, because the paint here looks as though some child got into his mom's makeup case and went to town.
And because the artwork is obscured by the slight bend in the card, I'll provide a marginally better one here. At no extra cost!

No way, Jose! ::wink::

I welcome any Super Amigos expert (or anyone who just knows more than myself... it's not hard) to come on down and fill in the blanks, either on here or through email. Help explain the difference between my (soon to be shown... somewhere) carded Amigo, and crinkly bagged, paint sneezed on amigo.

Update: It's not really an update, actually. I found myself staring at this thing, and it occurred to me I think my favorite part of the whole deal is that his wings aren't attached. They're just folded behind him in the "package."

I have to believe the founders of this gem wanted kids to feel as though they were part of the creative process. The building process. So as a child, after selecting and bringing home your Hawkman bootleg, you, and only you, were the one responsible for providing Hawkman the ability of flight.

Wow... thanks bagged Super Amigos people!


rob! said...

i have a bootleg super amigos aquaman, and it is equally sad as Carter here, tho mine has different tag...and no blue underpants on robin!

Anonymous said... exactly the Hawkman figure of my dreams! Hey Damian, if you feel like you're going to run out of Atom stuff, I'd be all for having Hawkman twice a week. Heck, if necessary, you could make a dual blog. Either way, I'd rather you combine your forces here than start another blog and then run out of stuff sooner. I'm really enjoying your posts, so keep it up, ha.

Damian said...

Thanks Benton! I'll find a home for Hawkman.

I'm just saying, I don't have the Atom goods to sustain anything for years. There just isn't enough out there. As much as aquaman has been shafted, he also made it onto a lot of stuff. A lot of his own stuff. That's why Rob will stand the test of time!

Luke said...

El Super Amigos! Ole!

Now that the racial insensitivity is out of the way, that is a sweet bootleg! My brother had the Super Powers Hawkman when we were kids, and I always envied it. Of course, I had Aquaman and Martian Manhunter, so I think I won that one in the end.

Damian said...

I've added an extra take on to my Hawkman bootleg Super Amigos thoughts, available in the original post, towards the end.

At this point, I may never post a "new entry" again. I might just keep adding on to the Hawkman Super Amigos one.

Diabolu Frank said...

Viva clearly inferior manufacturing! I haven't owned a Super Powers Hawkman since the 1980's (stolen? lost?) However, looking at you SA version, its clear his torso is exactly the same as SP Martian Manhunter (note the belt symbol.) Was that the case with SP Hawkman, which I'm pretty confident predated MM?

My thinking is that if you're as passionate about a Hawkman blog as the Atom one, do two blogs. If not, I guess it would be appropriate for the pair to share a blog. Just consider, what happens if you go full-on half-n-half, plus the random spotlights?

Angel Ramos said...

Thank you ffor writing this