May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sword of the All New Atom #13

I'm fast forwarding here. Not because 6-12 weren't worth it, but because I'm frankly just taking too long and want to get into this stuff. The title here has been changed to Sword of the All New Atom, and he cover from Ladronn obviously have a very Gil Kane feel to it. Oh, and it's pretty damn cool.

And as you can see, it also informs you that within this issue begins "The Hunt for Ray Palmer." Anybody who's anybody is doing it.

The previous issue ended with Ryan finding out that the guy that's been giving him helpful secret messages is none other than Chronos! A seriously conceited Chronos might I add.
Here Chronos takes Ryan to South America where Ray spent his days in... well, Sword of the Atom.
This issue, complete with frog riding and arena based rattlesnake fighting, really grabs a hold of the tone that this whole title has been built on so far... which is weirdness. It's really just a weird comic. But it's a good weird (what?).

It's worth checking out for the methods of a primitive miniature society alone, and of course for Choi slaying rattlesnakes. If that's not enough, it leaves you off with Ryan running into Donna Troy, Jason Todd, and a monitor, with them insisting that he join them to help find our Ray.

Good times.


Anonymous said...

I'd disagree with you, that whole zombie storyline WAS pretty easily skipped. The rest of this series is freakin' awesome though! I just can't get enough of the Giant Floating Head!

I really loved the way Chornos was portrayed in this issue, and I liked the fact that he and Ray had become friends. I think that is a really great way to take the character. He's really not trying to conquer the world any more, he's moved beyond that. Cool stuff.

Damian said...

Yeah, we could have done without the zombie boyfriend, although I do like that Choi is in love with a nut. It's very Atom of him.

Anonymous said...

Ohh no, you're not another one of those Loring haters, are you? Haha, I swear, DC loves to torture their characters, especially their MARRIED characters. I do love the fact that his weakness is his inability to say no to a pretty face. It really adds to the character that he knows it about himself, but just can't help it.