May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Atom #10 ad

What you're seeing here is a beautifully done ad for an issue of The Atom (and some other comic) with a gorgeous cover. .

This was provided to me by Rob Kelly of the aquaman shrine and other beautiful bloggery. Thanks Rob!

The "Ride A Deadly Grenade" cover, done by two guys named Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson, has become a favorite amongst many people (and some even admit it) and for good reason.

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Luke said...

See, it's situations like that Atom cover why Hank Pym was cooler as Ant-Man than as Giant Man. And why the Atom is cool, like, just cuz.

Anonymous said...

That is probably the best Atom cover ever. The story itself is pretty decent, but the cover was awesome.

Diabolu Frank said...

My favorite version of Hank Pym was Hank Pym. I dug that shadowy WCA cover where they have him pretending his lab coat is a trench, with his own "Doctor Pym" logo. Giant Girl from Marvel Adventures pulled off that identity better. As Ant-Man, I much preferred Scott Lang, and dig whatsisbastardface as well.

...Which forgets the fact that the Atom was drawn by Gil Kane AND Murphy Anderson, which automatically makes him cooler than any of those other guys.

rob! said...

both sweet covers!

Unknown said...

For me, that Atom cover is one of the greatest comic covers EVER!