May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Atom Pocket Super Hero

I've got Sword of the Atom coming up, but I need to get one of these pocket heroes on here. Let me just say, I love these things. Love them. They're just seriously cool little figures (cool is in the eye of the beholder) from the ever so giving DC Direct.
That said, I do have a gripe with the pocket heroes line. A complaint. It's in the ball park of what I normally complain about. But I'll save it for the big Pocker Super Heroes extravaganza.

So you've got original incarnation Al Pratt here complete with bikini bottom, packaged along with Dr. Mid-Nite, which I thought was pretty cool. I mean, when they're just sitting there on the shelf, alone, while variations of Batman, and Superman, and Superman's family, and Krypto, and the GL squad go flying off the shelves... at least the Doc can see in the dark. So they won't be scared.

Very cool figures and DCD made pretty much any hero you would want, so if you haven't already, track yourself down a pocket hero. I personally have my geekfest unopened ones, and then loosies who hang around causing trouble.


Luke said...

I do like the Pocket Heroes, but I must confess that the Minimates are quite nifty as well. I'll have to take a look at the roster and see who I can find.

rob! said...

i thought the PH line was great; i wish they had kept it going...i need a PH Mera and Ocean Master, and you need a PH Chronos!

Damian said...

Seriously, why don't I have a Chronos? They've made absolutely nothing of him.
Obviously during his first tenure he did some silly things and his pants were questionable, but let's go here.

Anonymous said...

Well, there is SOME hope for Chronos:

Damian said...

YES! I had no idea that thing was out there.

The reign of Chronos merchandise has begun!

Thanks Benton

Anonymous said...

My pleasure Damian, he's actually sitting on my desk right now, and the last time my friend and I played, he totally owned my heroes.