May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hombre Halcon bottle cap - 1978

"Go ahead... build up that thirst until you can't stand it any more... then blow it away with TEEM!"

If' you're putting DC Comics superheroes under your caps, I'm game!

This Argentinian cap, if you don't already know, is from a lemon-lime flavored soft drink called TEEM, compliments of the Pepsi-Cola company.
I don't know much about the caps, or really this drink TEEM, aside from their tag line there and that they were blown away by Slice.
Aside from Hombre Halcon, I've seen a Green Lantern, Aquaman, Batman, Supes, Batgirl, Cheetah, Green Arrow, and Mr. Mxyzptlk I belive. I'll just go ahead and assume there were/are others.
Do I dare assume there's an Atom? Why oh why hasn't it found me?!

Carter there is obviously trying to stop a cab because he brought the small mace along with him when he definitely meant to take the big one.

I got this at a con from a man who obviously thought it was the Lost Ark and not a soda bottle cap, with the way he had priced it. I expressed interest and he in turn expressed interest in me.
I maybe said, "ooh."
He then gave me some Argentinian background, mostly made up, asked if I liked Hombre Halcon (he may have called him Hawkman).
I possibly replied, "I love me some Hombre Halcon." (I may have said Hawkman)

I don't remember his exact asking price, but I probably could have walked out and bought the truck that lugged them to Argentina for around the same.
This guy didn't want to lose me, I could see that. Obviously there were not all that many people interested in severely overpriced bottle caps.
I had to inform him that there was no way I could justify spending that kind of money on a bottle cap without regenerative healing powers.
"But it's vintage!"
"It's from the late 70's, it's not like you found it combing the beach in Normandy. And Hawkman's on it. I'm your only chance of pawning that off on somebody." (that's obviously an exact quote)

Needless to say, I won the day and gave the guy like 8 bucks. And not because I'm a cheap ass haggler. I don't generally haggle because I'll just fold.
But this guy might as well have had a ski mask on, and I know the market for Hombre Halcon bottle caps!


Diabolu Frank said...

Search terms: Detective Marciano, cap, Teem, 1978. Various configurations. Relevant results: 0. Degree of surprise: 0

rob! said...

you posted the image so big that the scalloped edges look like jagged, flesh-searing edges. fitting for a guy who carries around a giant spiked metal ball.

i have the aquaman one from this series, there's gotta be an atom one!

Anonymous said...

Man, poor Carter, it looks like he's pleading to not be slapped on top of another bottle.....