May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Thursday, January 31, 2008

JLA vs. Teen Titans poster

Here is a... busy poster. It's one of these deals where you're to go into overload from the abundance of heroes present, and that (if available) said heroes are pitted up against mentor/sidekick, power equal.
I wasn't crazy about the miniseries, nor am I in love with the poster. I'm over (was then) scores of heroes facing off against one another artwork (although I occasionally enjoy the prospect of the Atom drubbing that Marvel bug) and this is not my favorite from Phil Jimenez.

But I suppose it serves/served it's purpose.

"But where's the Atom, Damian?"

Need help tracking Ray down? Wait no longer!

As you can see, Ray has been streaking across the poster, leaving little Atom logo's in his place. I've also taken the liberty of arrowing out two other celebrities:
The Martian Manhunter - Whom has been the topic of discussion at several sites the past week or so and since you just can't get your fill of the Manhunter, take a trip on over to Frank and/or Mike Netzer's site, to see what's new there. As you can see, J'Onn is right under the Atom. BFF! He's got his cape all closed up there, definitely something going on. Perhaps he's not wearing his red x underneath, the little minx...
Aquaman - As we can see there (assuming you can find him even with super helpful arrow!), he's about to shove his hook up Garth's nose.


rob! said...

i really hated Batman's pointy shoulders. who is he, Alexis Carrington?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I hate that look too. It's completely ridiculous. Man, the Titans would get KILLED, even though they have the numbers, Superman AND Orion against...who's the best they've got? Captain Marvel Jr.? Man, they'd be destroyed.

Hey Damian, I'd really love to see Ray go a few rounds with Ant-Man myself!

Diabolu Frank said...


I'm working on a banner for my NURGH! blog. It's going to be a hyper-detail "jam" collection of various heroes. The Atom is leaping on it.

Also, I was considering adding 1-3 variations on Ant-Man (in order: Eric, Scott, and maybe Hank.) However, I didn't want anyone thinking the Ants were in any way comperable to my Atom love, especially Pym. The two characters are very similar-- except Ray is more interesting in every single way.