May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Saturday, January 5, 2008

JLU Atom sketch double header!

I figured it was about time I threw another sketch up here. What you didn't figure was I'm throwing up 2! It's a combo of two unknown and under-appreciated artists, whom the world may never fully understand.

I approached the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art table at an NY con to see what all the commotion was about. Sitting at the table was a guy named Adriano, blowing through character sketches left and right. I chucked a small donation into the donation bin, then got into talks with the museum barker (I don't know what his official title was) trying to flag down people as they walked by. He spotted the JLU Atom figure hanging out in my pocket, we started talking about Ray until he asked me if he was dead (the conversation just happened to end there, I didn't flip the table over on him or anything... I was tired as it was). Adriano pointed to JLU Ray, I handed him over, and this is what he handed back to me (along with Ray) 5 minutes later, signed "Adriano the Merciless."

It's a very devious looking Ray. I'd expect him to be hiding out in the grass, waiting for some magnifying glass wielding villain to stumble upon him and this is what he's greeted with.
I enjoy the whole top heavy Atom going on here, and it's impressive for the amount of time it took to put this together. It is in color after all.
I tried to find out more about this guy (how bout a name?) to give him a bit more credit here, but the "MoCCA" website and Myspace page are... uncooperative. As in they don't respond.

This beauty was done by my 2 and a half year old nephew Jake!

I saw him doodling today, asked if he would draw a picture of something for me, and he said he would. I retrieved JLU Atom in hopes that Jake would produce a master piece that I could double up with Adriano's, and he did not disappoint!
Jake's Atom here is much more serious. The driven, dedicated Ray Palmer that I've come to know and love. Give it a click for the easier to see version, he went about it lightly.
I think he felt that it didn't represent his best work, and therefore refused to sign it. I told him that I would take credit for it, but he just didn't care.
That boy is all art, no glory!


rob! said...

nice pieces, both of 'em!

and Jake is right, there is little, if any, glory in art. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, great stuff Damian! I like the 'devil may care' look on the first stuff.

Diabolu Frank said...

Yeah, the exaggerated Atom looked sweet! Reminds me of early Kyle Baker...