May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Justice League tv pilot continued...

Who says Ray and J'Onn never hung out?!

I was going to post something else today, but all of this Martian Manhunter business, and the lack of interaction between himself and the Atom got me thinking about the pilot.
This pilot. And what could have been.

I had posted a photo I had from this gem a few months ago, which can be found here free of charge.
And here's another beauty (although it came without the helpful arrows and names which I've included for your ease). Would you just look at them.
Obviously a great deal of work was put into crafting the perfect, versatile Atom costume in case it ever became the Justice League of American Gladiators.

As I type this on going tribute to the cold-war friendship that has gone on between The Atom and The Martian Manhunter in an attempt to not only save one (and one who's not far behind I'm sure) and urge those in power to develop a kinship between these two, I must admit... this pilot and any evidence of it probably doesn't help.
But look at them (not a photo I own, courtesy of

They're destined for greatness together.


rob! said...

i know i'm in the minority, but i actually liked this pilot.

its not the JLA--its more X-Men meets Friends--but i thought it was heartfelt and genuinely funny in places, even if the effects and costumes are pretty bad.

atom's worst of all. sorry d.

Anonymous said...

Ohh man........ohh man...just look at the gut on Manhunter there....I know he's lost his people, his family, and his planet and all....but did he really have to let himself go like that!

Ha, that pilot......what is WRONG with DC?

Diabolu Frank said...

The only aspect of J'Onn and Ray's "friendship" these pictures reveals is the very disheartening possibility that--whether at Atom or full size-- Ray should be wary of being eaten alive by that tubby xeno bastard.

At least there was definate teamwork between the two in earlier JLofA stories...

Anonymous said...

LOL, very true Frank.