May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Model and Toy Collector #24

I really like this cover here, done by Brian Clarke. I get a very comfortable feel from it. Of course I'm very strange...

But seriously, what a beautiful picture! The JLA sitting around, playing the Flash board game. Just having a good ol time taking a break from the wear and tear of everyday super hero life.

Anything missing?

Well, rumor has it that after catching the Flash cheating (at his own board game) for the third time, and with Ollie stirring the pot, the Martian Manhunter, (who was apparently not doing so well) got up from the table and murmured ,"This is b.s., and that game sucks. I'm outta here."
There's also tell of Aquaman, in a rare burst of on-land anger, heaving his chair across the room.

I also suspect that no one knows Ray is actually even standing on the table.

This was actually a very cool magazine to rifle through even aside from all the JLA goodness. It's from 1993, so it was fun to see what the kids were building waaaaay back then.
There's a whole JLA custom section in it, and I just had to share.

First up we've got a Hawkman custom featuring The Atom!
I believe this was made from a Superman aurora kit, and Carter looks pretty good.
I don't know what the hell Ray is doing.
Cheering Hawkman on?
Raising the roof?
Must be difficult for the man Hawk to fly around and stuff having to palm Palmer like that.
Maybe he's practicing his table waiting skills...

Over here you've got custom Hal, Jonah Jones, and Arthur.
Hal looks like he may be a nice custom.
MM looks afraid.

Now what the hell is Aquaman doing? Has he gone and tied some rope to a manta ray for skiing purposes? I just can't believe he did that.
He always seemed like such a nice guy.
He was always so quiet, kept to himself...

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What the...

The Martian Manhunter up front and Batman squoze in behind!?

Somebody call somebody! Whoever is responsible for this obviously did not get the memo.

And The Atom has no face. Maybe it's a kewpie doll.

Moving on, there's a custom Atom in the left hand corner! Looks like it may be a nice little figure, unfortunately the picture is so dark I'll just never know.
If Pete Dibenedetto would like to send me this (and any other) custom Atom pieces, I will happily show them in full light on the T3.
The Tiny Titan accepts no responsibility for lost or kept items sent to The Tiny Titan, unless you really, really want them back. But things get lost, yanno...

And last but not least, conceptualized superhero kits. Kits that these people think should have been made.

Sweet moses are they right. I'll take 10 of those Atom's. That Aquaman would be fantastic as well I would think. Who wouldn't want a Jonah Jones kit?
Flash and GL get quite enough, thanks.

It goes to show (in 1993 anyway) that there are other people out there whom demand B-list merchandise!

It's cool though, keep churning out different variations of the same group forcing people to make their own crap.


Diabolu Frank said...

See, I'll often times see Martian Manhunter-related scans on other people's sites, and hanker to repost them at my blog. Today... not so much. I try to be inclusive, but those Jonah Jones back-ups from the 70's made Jack Miller's scripts for J'Onn look like Alan Moore by comparison. I can certainly believe that a robot enthusiast was responsible for that sculpt.

On the bright side, Atom looks to be the best realized model of the lot, although the scan could easily be confused with a Bigfoot sighting.

rob! said...

GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST, what an awesome cover and article!!

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff here, that Aquaman on the seahorse should DEFINITELY have been done. Also, I'm missing something here...what's with "Jonah Jones?"