May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sword of the Atom: Action pin-up Part 2!

This here action pin-up just happens to be for the next issue, so I felt it appropriate to put it up beforehand. You understand?

And seriously, the only thing better than an Atom pin-up is an Atom pin-up featuring battle frog. And look at the expression on that thing (click pic for closeup of battle frog expression). They're either about to land on something sharp and hot, or he's about to swallow him 2 or 3 alien guards. Either way I love it.

This was of course, at one time, featured on my wall. With pins in it. It is after all, a pin-up. You can have Bettie Paige, I'll take SOTA!
So of course I had to re-acquire the series later on in adulthood and resist the temptation to yank the pin-ups out again and plaster my walls with them and/or send them to DC offices with specific instructions on what I want my SOTA playset to look like.


rob! said...

"Dear DC:

I wanna Sord of Atom playset. Its gotta have the Atom, the icky girl, and some frog horses.

And maybe a pit where i can drop my other bad guys into some ants. please send ants in seprate bag.

little Damian Maffei."

Damian said...

Ha, frog horses.

Seriously, how great would that be? I say, pretty great? SOTA Atom with beads, flowing hair, and battle frog horse.

Throw in, "icky girl" as you say, and that Voss character.

Ant pit!

C'mon now, give me an ant pit!!!