May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sword of the Atom - Book 3: Mourning's End

Conceived by Gil Kane (art) and Jan Strnad (script)

Without further interruption...

When we left off here, the Atom was about to impale himself on a poisonous spear, held at him by Voss, one of Taren's men. Ray of course thwarts the attempt to end himself by said spear, and gives Voss a slight throttling. Having been charmed by this attempt at his life, and the loyalty in which Voss exhibits towards Taren, Ray chooses him as second in command. A fine lesson for the children.
Taren is amazed that the Atom would choose a man that just tried to take his life, and Laethwen is amazed at how warm she is for the Atom's form.
Meanwhile, evil right hand monk man, Deraegis suggest that the king activate the star drive (for his own evil purposes of course), but king says nay. He actually says it would be the "work of a madman! It's unstable," which is why they shut it down in the first place.
Deraegis scampers off all hurt, but his own power hungry drive only feeds the evil doings.

Back at the Palmer residence, Jean has been given the only thing found of Ray... his ring. Believing him to still be alive, she books a flight to Brazil, and fully intends to use her powers of insanity to track him down.

Back in the jungle an animal stampede goes down! But what causes animals of all shapes, sizes and species, to run like hell, completely ignoring each other?
A serious army of ants. It's true.
Laethwen and Voss climb to the safety of a tall tree, while the Atom retrieves the blind Taren (whom he had to clock to get moving) from the path of the army.
But Taren has had enough. He informs Ray of what a good friend he has been, and swan dives off the branch into the swarm.

Ugh. Things gotta be real bad...

The Atom slays a few rogue ants all the while telling himself he's not yet worthy of Taren's position of merry men band leader.

Deraegis, being informed of Taren's death, knows that an attack on the city will soon occur. And with this ever welcome news of death, he also knows that he is next in line for the king's crown. Which will assuredly come soon, what with everyone pissed off and blaming the current sap.

Back in the death dealing jungle, mourning comes and goes leaving love in the air!

That Palmer...

Is it too soon? Lady, your previous love just died 3 pages ago. Who can blame her though? Look at Ray's hair.

At the same time Ray's previous love, Senora Loring, is at a bar downing drinks and assuring no one in particular that she'll find her husband.

The time has come. The time to earn that good life. To our frogs! To Morlaidh!


rob! said...

Ray's hair IS good--Mitt Romney good.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh.........bad continuity!