May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Atom vs. Ant-man: #1 - Gary Gretsky

I've been a bit under the weather here, and I was going to skip posting all together. However, something arrived at the house, and I feel it necessary to share with all.

A week or so ago I was randomly searching for Atom stuff, and I came across this. The Atom fighting that bug.
And losing...

I thought, hey, awesome sketch... but I can't believe this guy has the Atom losing to this rip-off insect.
So I, of course, emailed the artist, complimented him on his artwork and lambasted him on what appeared to be the outcome of this miniature battle royale of sketches.
He, of course, never expected some lunatic Atom fan (who does?) to come banging on his door spewing all "he could easily shrink out of that, shift his weight, and knock that punk out..."

So I do kind of feel sorry for him. He was just trying to draw something damnit!

But it's not over...


rob! said...

Atom vs Ant-Man--where was that DC/Marvel tabloid edition???

Diabolu Frank said...

Fan wank. I suppose Hank Pym has more evidence of his genius as an inventor. However, seeing as most of those inventions come back to haunt him, I think his madness negates any theoretical gain in intellect he might have. Meanwhile, Ray completely owns Hank in versatility and physical prowess. Ray just straight up kicks Hank's ass, and he kicks thorax, too. The only case I see here is if Hank commands a literal army, but again, Ray can just shrink his way out of that. I don't see any reasonable scenario that Ray does not come out on top.

Also, just to add a real foul taste to the proceedings, Ray's girlfriend would kill Hank's girlfriend, if Pym doesn't get there first.

Luke said...

For the love of Hashut, Frank, Pym only hit Jan that one time! Once, people! Once! Although I agree that Jean would not only take out Jan, but probably Hank and Ray as well. Then dig up the body of Scott Lang and do weird stuff to his corpse.

Anyway. Atom could shrink his way out of this one easily. Ant-Man could theoretically take out Atom using technology (the helmet, or the bio-stingers as Yellowjacket), but if you are talking shrinking, Atom's got it won.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, cool sketch there. Yeah, the Atom would trounce Pym, but it would be a great fight to see!

Damian said...

Okay, to recap: Jean thrashes the lot.

Luke, I'll admit I don't know much about the Ant-Man (aside from the sleazy irredeemable one) but I do know that Ray is no stranger to technology.
Besides, what good is a helmet when the Atom can get inside it while it's on your head and then drub thee?

I'll make excuses until the shrunken cows come home.

Diabolu Frank said...

"Then dig up the body of Scott Lang and do weird stuff to his corpse."

I'm not one for inter-speak, but seriously, LOL. Classic.

I hate bringing up Mark Millar material, but the Ultimates and Civil War haven't exactly redeemed Hank's smacktastic adventures. There's more to Ultron than loose wiring, y'know?

The problem with trying to sell Hank's additional abilities is that a) Ray's no stranger to super-scientists with those same sorts of gimmicks and b) Ray's more accustomed to solo work and more accomplished as a hero in general. Hank's defining attributes as a character are based in vulnerability and instability. Ray's used to be his insecurity despite overwhelming contrary evidence, but since the "Sword" days, it's been his quiet confidence and hardened sensibilities.

I stopped rooting for J'Onn J'Onzz in these types of "vs." matches because his character is steeped in weakness as well. Neither character is Spider-Man/Rocky, the theoretical underdog who always ends up winning in the end. Both are damaged souls who struggle just to maintain, either themselves or their world, until more formitable heroes save the day. Like J'Onn J'Onzz, we could go on all day about Hank's many powers/identities/unrealized potentiality, but with time I've come to accept what's on the page.

I don't always like it, as evidenced by my still feeling guilty about cracking wise over Jean (and by extention, Sue,) but I feel to do otherwise is either denial or outright fanaticism. Comics are a true democracy, so that until enough people agree to overturn a decision, we're all stuck with it. Hank and J'Onn's portrayal have swung in the direction I've referenced for many decades. Until someone writes a varying opinion to sway the masses, it is as it is.

Luke said...

I like Ant-Man and the Atom. I'm just weird like that. But I am much more recently an Atom fan -- I like Ant-Man from the early days of the Avengers, where he was much less neurotic and paranoid.

Now I like Atom better. And Hawkman. But Ant-Man is still cool. (Giant-Man sucks.)