May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bug-Eyed Bandit Who's Who entry

Continuing on with Atom related Who's Who entries as originally suggested by M.O.T.A. member and aquaman shrine keeper Rob Kelly, I hurl forth... The Bug-Eyed Bandit.
Enough said.


rob! said...

he defeats good guys by making them fall into convulsions of laughter.

Paul E. Schultz said...

This is a great blog. I never woulda thought of making one for the Atom! Keep up the great work.

Diabolu Frank said...

For years, I was frustrated by "fans" of the Martian Manhunter who either only knew him through JLA or more recent aberrations like the Ostrander solo series. There was so much history to mine, if anyone bothered to look!

So color me a hypocrite, as I claim to be an Ray Palmer Atom "fan," but I've read next to nothing of his solo adventures prior to the 80's, and spent most of my life unable to name more than two of his foes (Chronos & Floronic Man.) I've rarely crossed paths with the Thinker, and only knew of Bug-Eyed Bandit from the odd derogatory reference. I guess this is why your Atom and my Manhunter blog exist... to help others explore the lives of our fav'rites.

That said, maybe you ought to start doing some Silver Age synopsis? Or should I just shut up and buy a Showcase volume?

Damian said...

Thanks Paul, I do appreciate that. I figured it was easier than holding tours through my house.

I definitely had it in my mind when I started this that I would take a trip through the Silver Age, and it's become a constant thought more recently.

There's no avoiding it!