May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Justice League Unlimited Atom 10 inch #2

A few months back I posted the first Mattel 10 inch Atom doll... pardon me, figure, I have here.
Today is the exciting conclusion to the 10 inch Atom doll FIGURE extravaganza.
If you'll look at the first one I posted, you'll notice the two items are like night and day.
One Atom comes packaged with another shrunk Atom, in a blue box.
This one here comes packaged with another shrunk Atom... in a not blue box. Although it's obscured in this picture. Take my word for it, tiny Ray is in there.
This package says "DC SuperHeroes" along the side of it.
The blue package did not say "DC SuperHeroes" along the side of it, but does show the magnificent seven crowded around the bottom.

Let's cut the crap and get to the dollsfigures themselves:

There's no difference.

Thanks for stopping by!

Okay, I think the blue packaged ones were released in 2004. These yellowish boxed ones, 2006 perhaps.

I love... repeat LOVE that the powers that be released this figure again in a slightly different package. I've always wanted an Atom figure to be re-released with only slightly different packaging. It means you're somebody.
And they weren't done. He was one of the few that got himself a JLU die-cast figurine, which I've actually yet to pick up. Sad face. My die-cast day will come!


rob! said...

pretty cool they tapped Ray to be part of the 10 inch line, eh? Aquaman, Green Arrow, Atom...hard to disagree with any of their choices!

Adama said...

I agree Rob, I saw Ollie, Ray and J'onn on a shelf together at K-mart a few months ago. They all went homw with me and they are awesome!

Damian said...

Hellz yes, I love it. Love that there's two differently packaged versions. JLU, although I didn't watch the show, was a good source for Atom figures. Of course he made it on almost nothing else as far as merchandise goes, but I did get me an abundance of figuring action.

Just need to pick up that die-cast one.

Anonymous said...

I bought this for my 4 year old son. He already has the regular 4 inch size Atom and I thought he'd appreciate having the tiny version. (He's like Atom since he saw that 1967 cartoon where the scientists are held prisoner on the island.) Now he has the "three Atoms" team up when playing w/ his Justice League figures.

You should check out the show. There were two episodes where Ray Palmer played an important role and one where he's mentioned but not seen regarding Vandal Savage stealing dwarf star material.