May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hawkman transfer

Continuing on with the Leisure Arts iron-on transfer book, of which the first Atom one was posted here.
Today we've got ourselves a little Hawkman to fill up that empty hole you've been feeling since the gap of time from the Super Amigos bootleg.
Actually, whether this helps would depend on if you like this version of Carter or not. As you very well know, Hawkman's history is one of the few solid, dependable things you can count on in a crazy comics world.

I, personally, could do without Native American arm band Hawkman and whatever other jazz he's got going on. I could always have done without it.

Otherwise this is a fine little animated transfer, with man hawk in Heisman pose. I'm still considering buying a lot of blank grey and white sweaters and ironing these babies on.

I, will be all the rage.

We're excited.


Doug said...

Truly the best way to sum up that version of Hawkman is "1990s Hawkman". The character, while still cool, in retrospect just seems like one giant reaction to the hip trends of the '90s - from his katar and shuriken to his mysterious nature in the early issues of his restarted series.

I liked the look of the character - the drab color palette and the bird-like eyes under the helmet, but he was a bit of a leap from what made Hawkman… well, Hawkman.

All in all, it's probably best that this wasn't actually Carter, but rather Katar v. 2.

Damian said...

Well said Doug.

I have a conscious habit of referring to him as "Carter" regardless of what mode he was spun into at that point in time.

It's part of my rebellion.

Katar v. 2 is certainly appropriate though.

rob! said...

i could never follow Hawkman's history post-Crisis. worse than Aquaman's!

Anonymous said...

Haha.......yeah, Hawkman is one character who would REALLY benefit from a continuity cleaning.

Diabolu Frank said...

Actually, that would be Katar 3.0. The liberal version Truman and Ostrander wrote was a far cry from both the saber-rattling Bronze Age incarnation and grim-n-gritty-leatherboy of the gold-plated 90's series.

I used to consider myself a Hawkman fan, but the more I came to know of the character, the more schizo he seemed. I guess you could say my preference is the more mild-mannered science hero couple of Gardner Fox and Tony Isabella, but that moment is long past...