May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hawkman Super Powers stamp set

DC Guy: "Okay, for our Super Powers stamp set line, we'll obviously go with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman."

Other DC guy: "Obviously."

DC Guy: "I think we should have 4 characters though. 4 stamp sets."

Other DC Guy:"Hmm... yeah. But who else should we throw in there?"

DC Guy: "Get the hat."

5 minutes later...

DC Guy:"Okay, pull a name out."

Other DC Guy:"Tyr."

DC Guy:"Who?"

Other DC Guy: "He's... never mind. I'll pull another."

::pulls another one out::


DC Guy: "Who?
Oh wait, the bird dude, right? Yeah, sure. Kids love birds."

And there you have it kids. The birth of the Hawkman signature stamp set. And thank God for it. You can also see there's a bonus Superman stamp thrown in there. Guy has got to get into everything...
I love finding stuff like this. People go to cons and the like for autographs, comics, sketches, and all that other nonsense. I'm the guy stalking around for stamp sets.
15 piece fram try puzzles.
Can't stop me. Can only hope to contain me.

So when I saw this one from across a crowded room, I knew then... at that moment, that we were destined for each other.

Really, stuff like this will always be my fave. A Hawkman stamp set. I'm saddened by the fact that the Atom will never have something like this. No, he'll never have a mego, or a Super Powers figure, or any of the SP line (Viva Super Amigos!) and that sucks, sure... but he'll never have a signature stamp set from the early 80's. He won't be on a sweet Pepsi glass or a measuring ruler.
It's Hawkman's appearances on random things that makes me glad I took to him as much as I have. He made it on to school supplies. That's when you know you're somebody.

Here's what's going on in the back:
Amidst the card dings, you can see the wonders that await you.


rob! said...

do i have to even bother registering my complaint?

Siskoid said...

Don't know about the stamp set, but that Hawkman Super-Powers figure is one of my favorites from my too-small collection.

Damian said...

No Rob, you don't.

I know you would have preferred Tyr...

Diabolu Frank said...

I don't mind this near as much as the snub from the Super No Amigos. I don't need a stamp to draw a black & white 8-slice pie. Meanwhile, Hawkman has one of the most iconic and well designed... er... icons in comics! I can honestly say I like the Hawkman symbol more than Hawkman himself. Not that I don't like Hawkman, but it's just that good.