May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Atom switch plate: Part 2

In my attempt to corner the market on Atom switch plates, I provide this.
Again, custom items do not easily get past security, but occasionally we make exceptions.

Ah, who am I kidding? Take anything the Atom has ever been on and slap him on anything you can find, call it unique, and I'll be all "Gee whiz, sweeet sweeetness!"

"Damian, check out this one-of-a-kind tennis ball with the Atom done in sharpie by an artist who never drew another thing."

Awesome. Sign me up.

The first and finer of the two, can be seen here. That's not too say that the original artwork this was lifted from (a pin-up from that Superman and Batman mag), both by Mike Parobeck, isn't great, but this here doesn't translate as well onto a switch plate as the first one does.
And the fact that he's fighting a giant bug in aforementioned pin-up, leaves one wanting more.

I invite everyone out there to share their Atom switch plates with me, with the T3, in an effort to bring us all that much closer.

In exciting non-switch plate news, thanks to a hot tip from M.O.T.A. member Ilke Hincer, the Hawkman Companion, from TwoMorrow's publishing, is available for pre-ordering!
Written by M.O.T.A. member Doug Zawisza, through countless hours of sweat and passion, with the grace of a swan and the laborous grunting effort of a Moria dwarf, the Hawkman Companion promises to be the severe hotness. I'll be pimping it (is that correct? I'm iffy with the jive) constantly so ya won't forget.

I'm excited Doug!


Diabolu Frank said...

That switchplate is so damned pretty I can hardly stand it. Parobek was a great Atom artist, as he really highlights what a fantastic look and personality Ray is possessed of. He really put the "character" into the character. If there is any indisputable reason why Ray should remain the Atom, its because so many wonderful, irreplaceable pieces like this exist. Sorry, but Al Pratt is also an afterthought for lack of same.

rob! said...

its very nice. you should make one where its positioned so it looks like he's pulling on the switch itself.

go do that.

thank you.

Damian said...

I couldn't agree more Frank.

As for Rob, I should make one? All I make is trouble, ya hear?

You're the R=teest. You should make one.

I expect it by Thursday of next week.