May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Sunday, December 30, 2007

All New Atom #18

Thumbs up to Ladronn's cover here It's kind of eerie, and made me instantly want to start reading the thing. Like on the drive home.
I figured I'd get into #18 (although I figured it would be sooner) as #19 is due out on the 2nd. I also figured I'd wait and throw in some "spoilers" too, because that's the kind of guy I am.

It's good time central in this issue, and it's going to be sad to see the team of Simone and Norton leave. But we'll cross that bridge when it appears... which is very soon.

It's a normal, average day in Ivy Town. That of course means that some baddie has brainwashed the entire town into thinking that The Atom must be destroyed.
Unfortunately for them, Ryan Choi don't go down so easily.
Also unfortunate, Diana Prince is in town investigating the "strange" going's ons.

The team up is really a blast to read. Simone writes them together wonderfully, and it's a rare kind of fun these days, to get such enjoyment out of a comic.
That's just some good old fashioned fun right there.
Norton's work has gotten better with each issue and is top notch here. With him and Gail at the top of their games, this comic is something that should be getting people's attention.

Notable moments are too many to list, but when Ryan's brainwashed best friend deactivates his belt and carries him out to the front lawn where the rest of the town waits for him to be burnt alive... in a Ted Grant grill (which Choi loves, apparently), it's just good stuff.

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And as you may or may not know, that whole search thing going on has ended, and Ray has been found. Certainly interested to see where that'll go.


rob! said...

i actually picked up some of these issues after your review(s) and liked them quite a bit--nothing groundbreaking, but solid superhero adventure.

and the ending to this issue is way cool and very exciting...theyre starting to make being offered to join the JLA a big deal again!

Luke said...

It's very odd.

I liked the Atom as a kid from his handful (no pun intended) of appearances on Super Friends but I never really got into the character. But since this series started, not only do I really like Ryan but I also have become a fan of Ray Palmer as well.

This issue was great fun. All of the "fantasy" jokes with Wonder Woman could have come off as crude and crass, but they are handled in such a way that not only are they amusing, but they are also kind of charming in an off-beat way. I mean, if Wonder Woman was real, we'd all have fantasies about her. And it totally suits Ryan to be goggle-eyed and star struck by her beauty.

Very cool issue in a cool series -- I just hope I can afford to continue reading it. And Wonder Woman for that matter!