May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Search for Ray Palmer: The T-shirt!

Well, look at that. A t-shirt that I don't need to carry around my own magnifying glass for people to see Ray with. Great strides.
This is a fairly recent item, obviously, but I embrace all apparel featuring Atom the same way: open arms.
As you can see, Ray is quite miffed that he's been found on this shirt. Yet, it doesn't stop me from saying "peek-a-boo, there you are" right before I put it on.
Actually, I don't do that.
Or do I?
My family and those in direct contact with me had better hope not, huh?

If you're tired of searching for Ray Palmer and wish to acquire said shirt, here's a good place for it Graphitti Designs. And if you send us (us?) a photo of yourself (or other people?) wearing apparel with Ray Palmer included, we've (who?) got no reservations about putting that type of filth up on this site. Just think, years from now some alien archaeological team will uncover this site and find you, forever embedded in history, donning Ray Palmer gear. And that's good.
And at least someone will be reading this.

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Anonymous said...

Cool shirt! I love the magnifying glass bit, very clever.