May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Monday, December 24, 2007

Super Powers: Mister Miracle

In keeping with the giving to non-Atom related DC B-lister favorites of mine, behold the Mister Miracle Super Powers figure!
He's one of the finest members of a line that also provided me with Hawkman, Red Tornado, and Dr. Fate.
Now I'm not going to use this opportunity to complain about the lack of love for various other CHARACTER. I've already threw my 2 cents in about creating characters for a toy line instead using the ones they already had. It all makes sense. You want to bring in some new blood with that third wave.

Samurai? Really?

Get those New Gods in, absolutely.

Desaad? Stop it.

Ah well. I just want Ray to be part of the fun.

But this isn't about Ray! Noooo sir! This is about Scott and his sweet Super Powers figure! So there it is!
I got him a while back and for various reasons he never escaped from his package. He's certainly not going to now. And although my jacket/shirt pocket is usually reserved for a Ray Ray figure, I'm on the lookout for loose Scott with cape and perhaps shackles to accompany me once in a while. Constant vigilance!


rob! said...

man, is Mr.Miracle beefy! is that John Goodman under there?

Damian said...

He's just proud, that's him sticking his chest out.

It's actually Marlon Brando circa early 90's as Scott Free.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Man, Mr. Miracle is one of my all time favorites. His episode of JLU was quite awesome, and I've been reading his original adventures in the Fourth World Omnibus.

I've missed your last several posts, Damian while I've been traveling, but I wanted to drop in my two cents about that Atom Special. I picked the second issue up the other day, and found myself pretty well entertained. It had pretty goofy moments, but a lot of cool stuff despite that.

The Wind Pirates, are they old foes of the Atom? I think the concept has a lot of value, but guys in a flying pirate ship, dressed in puffy shirts? I'm going to try and overhaul the idea and use them in the mod. I'm thinking some high-tech guys manipulating the weather and such.

Diabolu Frank said...

I can't recall if I ever owned a DeSaad. Being poor, I often bought heavily discounted toys, so I may have. If so, thankfully someone must have stolen it from me. Sacrificial lamb! He may have made the difference between my losing Super Ninja from Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos, or Heaven forbid, my beloved Mikola figure from Remco's Warlord line. Besides, it's not like I didn't still have friggin' Emperor Palpatine to fall back on in the "menacing men wearing dowdy dresses" department.

Never owned Mr. Miracle. I'm all for experimental, original outfits, but I found him an eyesore even in youth. And I wore Hawaiian shirts with bright red cargo pants from Pic-n-Save back in those days.

Damian said...

Wow. Kenner should have been making figures of you, Frank. You were certainly a better option than some.

I think Miracle's hideous costume may have been what attracted me to him. That and he's a swell family guy!