May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Norm Breyfogle sketch

Simple yet stoically awesome. It would seem that my favorite sketches are the simpler ones, and this, my most recent one, is no exception.

I waltzed up to Norm at the last NY comic con and asked if he'd do a basic Atom sketch for me. He looked up and his eyes and "The Atom?" told me he thought maybe I was thinking of a different character.
I replied with "oh yeah, a lil Ray Palmer. I'm that guy." (whatever the hell "that" guy means.

He proceeded to put a dot on a piece of paper, pushed it forward, and gleefully exclaimed "There you are! One Atom!"
I enjoyed that for so many reasons, and he was surprisingly the first one to do it.

He didn't let me keep the dot though.

But he cranked this out right in front of me while he and my friend Ed talked Batman, and before I knew it he handed over to me a serious looking ass kicker of a Ray Palmer.

I spent the rest of the con telling all those who asked, that it was Norm's interpretation of me in the Atom suit.
Incidentally, most bought it and now I'm kind of liking the idea of getting people to do sketches of me in the Atom suit.

Hopefully I'll get over myself before the next con or else be met with blank stares and embarrassment.


rob! said...

nice piece! i'd love to get an AquaSketch by him sometime...

Anonymous said...

Man, Ray looks like he means business!