May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Friday, December 21, 2007

DC on TV Ad!

On September 9, 1967 tv viewers were treated to the premiere of The Superman - Aquaman Hour of Adventure! It was a 60 minute program broken into 6 minute adventures featuring the heroes of DC. As you may have guessed by either the name of the show or this ad here, Superman and Aquaman were the big draws.

But we're here for the guest stars, aren't we?
The Atom and Hawkman (as their heads can be seen betwixt sweet art and words) were rotating regulars on the show as were The Flash and Teen Titans, and my favorite part of the whole thing is the beautiful cels it has provided. I've posted one so far, which can be seen here.

You've probably got some questions you'd like to ask. Check out the FAQ first:

Q:Why is the Atom the only one who's head isn't basically facing front?
A: Good question. Part of the contract involving The Atom and Hawkman was that when they appeared on a page/screen together, one of them had to be on-the-border-of-lovingly staring at the other. I believe this to be an attempt to cash in on the success of the Batman/Robin relationship.

Q: Who is the most badass mother on that ad?
A: Well, that's simple. It's quite obvious the one not to trifle with is Storm, Aquaman's sea horse! Storm the time bomb can be spotted often sporting that look. Just back off a bit. For another example, visit Rob Kelly's aquaman shrine.
Tick, tick, tick...

Incidentally, Storm and Imp (Aqualad's ride) are by far my two favorites things on the ad!

No more questions.

I'll ignore the photos on the bottom of the ad for now. Click to get an all up in yo grill version.


rob! said...

drat; i had planned to run this ad myself soon, now i have to conform to the 21/7 rule that was in effect for Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.

i like how Hawkman's ears tip into the photo; in the pre-digital age that took extra effort!

Damian said...

augh! You know, I was going to ask if you were going to run this soon, and my next post would be a link to your post. It is a bit more about Aquaman than it is the Atom, after all.

Then I forgot, and in a haze put this up.

Damn me, for I suck.

Diabolu Frank said...

Dude, there's plenty enough Aquaman stuff out there to occupy Rob for a while. Atom should be so lucky.

Speaking of classic mass media dirth, I've been avoiding jumping to conclusions, but damned if that isn't J'onn J'onzz's mug in that ad. Can I borrow your scan for a post sometime next year?

Damian said...

Be my guest Frank!

Diabolu Frank said...

Cool! Thanks! No time soon, though. Not only would I not want to step on your bit, but I'm finally getting to use the store of material I've been building up. Gah! Crisis on Infite Earths was a pain. I finally gave up on getting a hold of a hardcover collection for reference...