May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Sunday, December 16, 2007

DC Super Heroes Super Healthy Cookbook

First I think it's important to inform the readers that I scanned all pictures on a small ship with a drunken captain during rough seas, so my apologies for the wobbly pictures. But what can I do? I must scan where I must scan.

The usual suspects may be on the cover, but this baby is all about the Atom.

I love this book. I love that Ray was included in the thing, and they had some fun with him. The book is actually a nice way to show kids how to make food preparation fun, but as is the case with any cookbook, it becomes outdated to society.
After all, there's no organic recipes in here...

Oh, and if anyone wants any of the recipes, you be sure to go ahead and gimme a holler, I'll send em right over.

The Atom's first appearance in the book is super important! He teaches kids to look at the ingredients and that the first one is the most important. Way to go Ray!

Next up we have The Atom's Super Hero Sandwich. You can't tell by the picture or my superior scanning skills, but the sandwich is huge, and took up 3 pages. This is funny, because The Atom is small. So just look at the funny thing he says!

When you're all through and you double check to see that you don't require medical attention due to the severe splitting of sides, we'll move on...

This one here is called The Atom's Knockout Punch. It's great for gatherings, or if you're just sitting there at home alone reading about the Trials of Shazam, very lonely. This makes an instant party!

Ray's last appearance is supremely important. He teaches you how to get the right fruit juice and damnit... it's still the way to go!

Nice job by Ray here!

So overall, a swell time. The last page in the book is everyone putting the finishing touches on an apparently birthday party for the JLA.
It's strange that The Atom would get his money's worth in this thing, but Aquaman only shows up for the party. I hope Arthur didn't refuse to make anything...
With all the Atom inclusion going on, my favorite part of the book is probably "Hawkman's Egg Bird's" Obviously published before Hawkman became an eco-terrorist, here he (along with Hawkgirl) teaches you how to make an egg sandwich and fix it into the shape of his mask.

I heard a rumor that there was a recipe for "Aquaman's Dolphin n' seaweed salad," but they omitted for time purposes.


rob! said...

i put this up on the Shrine back in March:

...i bougt it sight-unseen on ebay, BOY was i sore that aquaman only gets a cameo!

at least you got some good content out of it!

Diabolu Frank said...

Indeed, those are some great images! Really though, not even a salmon dish for Aquaman? No sense at all!

Since when is Hawkman an eco-terrorist? Aquaman maybe, but Katar?

Feel free to confirm Martian Manhunter is nowhere to be found here. There is no part of his name anyone wants to to something they're going to eat.

Damian said...

Ah, I just had a flash of Kingdom Come enter my head as I was looking at Hawkman's recipe, and that's what came of it.

There's isn't a whisper of the Martian Manhunter, it's tragic.

I just noticed that in the "JLA party picture" where Aquaman makes his first and last appearance of the book, Plastic Man does not show up to see how his recipe worked out... but Ralph Dibny makes an appearance!

Just what in the hell was going on here...

Diabolu Frank said...

Elongated Man fairly screams for a party length sub. Plastic Man seems a bit more versatile in the culinary department. Tupperwear tips?

Eric said...

Does food in the Atom's stomach expand when he gets big? I bet that saves him a helluvalot of money on groceries!

Mark said...

I'd like the recipes please.

I remember borrowing this from the school library.

I really liked the salad dressing.

Anonymous said...

I remember this book.. how many pages is it? is it possible to get scans of all the pages?

Smokingmonkee said...

I remember this from my childhood and I've actually been looking for recipes from it for a super-hero party we're having (I remember them being pretty cheesy but there has to be something that works), if you could send me some to, I'd be very appreciative!

NCsupercade said...

I had that book when I was a kid, and I even made that fruit punch once!