May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Saturday, December 15, 2007

JLA Classified #48

Part 2 of the this tiny JLA Classified epic starts off where the previous issue leaves off (thanks!). Our heroes are dumped into an arena... weaponless!
Their foes?
Evil weaponers of Qward! And the weapons they're using are the ones that have been stripped from the JLA!
Oh baby! So what you get is each hero pitted against their own weapon.
Okay, got it?
The match is all too brief but quite fun. It's good stuff watching each member's knowledge, experience, and mastery go into effect as they use it to thwart those wielding what don't belong to them.

I love this here, and it's the first page!
Ray Ray, having had his suit removed from him whilst smallish, is obviously unable to get big. But he does good, Ray Ray does!

A touching moment came for me when at one point our GL attempts to restrain a super rowdy and out of control WW, only to be Princess punched in the face. At that point, Hawkman swoops in and bashes WW in the face, knocking some temporary sense in to her.

I love moments like that.

And by "moments like that," I mean ones where Hawkman is bashing people in the face.


rob! said...

nifty cover!

i think maybe i should pick up some these JLA:C issues...

Damian said...

Those two were fun at least.

Anonymous said...

Very cool, I'm gonna' see if I can find these pretty soon.