May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Friday, December 7, 2007

Debut of The Atom ad!

It's the exciting debut of DC's newest costumed hero, The Atom!
I do love me some old time ads and this one, for some reason, is my fave.

Perhaps because it's super informative AND educational! And I like the whole Big News about a Small Super-hero thing they've got going on at the top.

For a mere 10 cents you could see the tiny titan in costumed action for the first time! If that, the glorious cover featuring Ray stuffing poor schmuck Kulan Dar into a bottle, and reading about a hero with the explosive power of an atom bomb in his fists isn't enough, I don't know what is.
Click on that mother for the bigger version.

Making the world a better place:
Due to Rob Kelly's excitement over this here ad, it's only right that I mention the man who put this, and so many other beauties together: Ira Schnapp!
Go here, Dial B For Blog For a fantastic piece on Ira Schnapp complete with glorious pictures and wonderful words.

And to think I had the balls to post this ad without mentioning him...


rob! said...

Ira Schanpp rules!

rob! said...

er, SCHNAPP. sorry, its early.

Anonymous said...

That is one classy ad! I love the big big, small small stuff too, very clever. Yeah, and who could pass up that cover?

Damian said...

Schnapp does rule! His "Meet Chronos" ad may be his best one with The Atom actually.
And I love the "You Asked for It" Aquaman.

Damian said...

I updated the post with excitement and the dial b for blog piece.
It's only right.