May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Saturday, December 22, 2007

First Appearance - DC Direct: Ryan Choi

No Adam Cray?

This is the toy world we live in now. It took Ray Palmer decades upon decades to get his own action figure. Think of all those kids in all those countries from all those years gone by who have longed for an Atom to call their very own. To rest upon the shoulder of some name brand hero, only to find Golden Pharaoh and Cyclotron (I'll never stop complaining).
And here we are today. Ryan Choi gets a cup of coffee as The Atom and no time is wasted in creating his very own action figure!
Series 4 was released in April (maybe) of 2007, and it featured the Atom, fancy hair and shoulder pad Aquaman, sharp and pointy monster Blue Beetle, Warlord (sure), and extremely miffed J'onn J'onzz.
Mine has yet to leave his box, but here he is ready for action: Pretty nice figure from DC Direct (would I ever complain about ANY Atom figure?), although there's little sign of the goofball Choi actually is. It'd be nice to get one with his now famous (famous?) "bangstick" that he flies around with. Soon, soon.

The more the merrier. How about Al Pratt?


rob! said...

does this costume seem unnecessairily busy, or is it just me?

still, nice figure. maybe he and my Arthur Joseph FA figure can hang out together sometime:

"Hey, Ryan, can i guest star?"

"No way, man, i don't want the stench of cancellation coming anywhere near my book!"

Diabolu Frank said...

Seeing the new costume painted on a three dimensional object, I'm even more keenly aware of how ugly and overdesigned it is. That "A" thing especially has to go. In all honestly, a good deal of my affection for the Ray Palmer Atom comes from Gil Kane's simple but effective costume
(with or without the scullcap.) Unlike Hal Jordan, one of the best designed characters in comics history, there's also a palatable personality to go with the great looks. Maybe that's true of Rya Choi as well, but I never got past the lousy suit, the gall, and the "Brave New World" special. I guess if DC never wises up, there's always Menthor...