May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Thursday, December 27, 2007

VS Card: Ray Palmer * The Atom

I'll be honest here, aside from holding this card and staring at it, I've not a clue what it's for.

Bicycle spokes?

It's informative though. It says Ray Palmer, then goes on to tell you his superhero identity, which is The Atom, so that's cool. And then you get sleek, scrutinizing art form version of him on the card, so that's great.

I'm not sure about the stats and stuff at the bottom, but it does say "Return Ray Palmer to his owner's hand ->" And of course in the version of him above, he's in the palm of someone's hand. Now, it could just mean, due to some event in this card game, to give the card back to the person who previously had it


Perhaps this is some kind of future enslaved and/or domesticated pet Ray Palmer. A kidnapping conspiracy?!
This is a wild game.

The artwork was done by Phil Noto, whom is responsible for some severely sweet covers. For those not familiar, I recommend you go to his website, Phil Noto Art and spend some time there. So go have yourself a look at some of the seriously cool stuff he's got up in that mother. There's something for all of us!

As for the card, maybe some day myself and the rest of the B-list loonies will get together and throw down in some VS System DC action. Keep your eyes and ears out for that.

You're excited.


rob! said...

i like the hazy Superman in the background, nice touch.

though it shoulda been aquaman of course.

Diabolu Frank said...

Learned my lesson from Overpower, and that game more closely mimicked super-hero brawls than this Magic: The Gathering style play. Of course, no Atom hero card there...

Siskoid said...

I don't know how to play Overpower either, but I'm pretty good with deciphering CCGs (pun not intended and probably not understood by anyone but me).

It looks like Return this card to owner's hand [TO] negate a type of effect on your JLA character. Those numbers look like Offense and Defense to me, but I don't know.

Nor do I see why -> is in any way clearer than the preposition "to".

Damian said...

I do have a few other cards from this set, one of which I'll post soon I think.