May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Atomo trading card (a.k.a. The lil Captain)

Argentinian Wally Wood Atom card?
I know very little about this thing. Actually I know nothing about it. Okay, I know that it's The Atom, and it's a trading card. Or a coaster for tiny people (the Atom's family?).
From Argentina?
My detective skills tell me that the "86" on said piece means that there are 85 other cards (I actually have Hawkman as well), and my gut tells me that the other 83 aren't of the Atom, so it's more than likely indicative of how far down on the food chain he was at the time. Although there's a good chance there's about 30 Superman, 20 Batman, and so on...
I'm of course just happy they made one! Whoever they are!

While I of course love the little s.o.b. and the mystery that surrounds this card, the exchange that took place whilst trying to purchase it is what will last with me forever.

The events and dialogue portrayed here are real are far as memory serves me.

I approached a dealer table and saw "Atomo." I knew at once it had to be mine. (the dealer in this story had an accent, so feel free to include one of your choosing while reading. I like to give him one similar to Jon Voight's from Anaconda.)

Me: Ooh! How much for this Atom card?
Dealer with accent: Hmm?
Me: The Atom card here, what do you want for it?
DWA: Ah, Captain Atom card is (insert dollar amount, I don't remember. Don't be stingy).
Me: Alright. What's this from anyway?
DWA: Part of a set. I've got Supergirl, Green Arrow, Captain Atom...
Me: (mumbling) Well, it's just Atom.
DWA: Hmm?
Me: It's just Atom. The character is The Atom.
DWA: Yes, Captain Atom. DC Comics.
Me: That's true, Captain Atom is from DC Comics. As is The Atom, a completely different character, and portrayed here on this card.
DWA: Same hero though.
Me: I know so very little in this world, but I do know who is on this card, and it's The Atom.
DWA: (blank stare)
Me: Ray Palmer.
DWA: (blank stare)
Me: Captain Atom is some silver dude with a red emblem on his chest. Trust me.
DWA: (shrugs with blank stare)
I know it's not in English, but where does it say "Captain" on this card?
DWA: Hey, whatever you say man. You want it?
Me: I do but you should know that it is widely known that Atom merchandise is generally much cheaper than Captain Atom due to demand. So how much?
DWA: (laughs) Same price.
Me: Ah well. Got any other Captain Atom stuff?

So I never did find out the deal with this thing as I didn't want to further test his vast knowledge of DC Comics.
Nevertheless, Atomo lives with me now where he's recognized for his true self.

It's the feel good story of the year.


rob! said...

so, if atom was 86, aquaman was probably, what #79?

and, wait, i'm confused--jon voight sold you this? i didnt even know he was into comics! now i have an ice-breaker with angelina jolie if i ever meet her!

Anonymous said...

Haha, or you could just ask her if she'll adopt you....

At least that guy had the "Atom" part right, man!

Damian said...

I would have given Jon Voight a pass if he were the seller.

I suppose if you meet Angelina you could just tell her the story anyway using her father as DWA.

Diabolu Frank said...

I just linked here from El Jacone's Comic Book Bunker, and I'll have to make a point of thanking him, as it was love at first sight (site?) For starters, I've now got hope of tracking down an Argentinian Marciano Detective card for my blog (eBay has #82 Hawkman & #83 Spectre, so I'm thinking #118...)

I'm sure John Voight owned the card, but the actor spells his name...

Not to be a stickler, but I'm also a Captain Atom fan, so he'd be the gold and red dude with the symbol on his chest...

Now I've got to go see if you've got that awesome Atom temporary tattoo on here somewhere.

Damian said...

I couldn't put the actual dialogue down for it would have looked something like:


I'm pretty sure I said he wore red gloves, and that's where he must have gotten confused.

Not that "Atom" business.

No postings of temporary Atom tattoo as of yet...

Diabolu Frank said...

Dag! Glorious MOTA!

Damian said...



Glorious Mota will make an appearance one of these days.

I'm patiently waiting for that beautiful piece of art that graced the front of those machines to arrive. The excitement is enough to kill a man...