May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Countdown Special: The Atom #2

Written by Gerry Conway
Art by Arvell Jones
Again, super job here with the cover by Ryan Sook, although Hawkman and his stubbled nipples play NO part in this book (click picture for enlarged stubble). Captain Comet on the other hand, plays an huge part. Don't know what's going on there. Guess the Hawk-man sells...

From Super-Team Family issues #13 & 14, we starts off in the JLA Satellite where a collapsing Ray Palmer stumbles in mumbling (stumbling and mumbling apparently) something to Captain Comet (who had just dropped off a beaten Wally West) about Jean.
Then disaster strikes as cataclysmic events begin to occur all around the world! Comet heads out for Korea while an exhausted Atom (what a hero!) heads to Naples. Meanwhile, Aquaman defends New York in a neat little sequence where he instructs dozens of octopi to pick refuse off of the ocean floor to halt giant tidal waves. So quit whining about pollution damnit!
But who is behind such madness?
Who has the power to cause such atrocities?

Your first guess is probably the right one:


No, seriously.

Well, it turns out that Jean has gone so bye bye that there's some form of berserk power in her mind that's about to go kablooey and the Wind Pirates are accidentally tapping into it. It's all very complicated and very Wind Piratey.
In case you're not familiar with the Wind Pirates, first: shame yourself.
Now that you're shamed, the head wind pirate... the captain, used to be a scientist for the Navy, yasee. But all he wanted to be was a sailor, yasee. But he was too important, so they never let him see any action. So somewhere along the line he got himself a pirate costume, mates (the sea types), and gobs of serious butt kickin technology. Yet amidst all these space-bound pirate ships and laser firing cannons, he attempts to do Cap'n Comet in with a sword. Just a sword. Crazy guy, I'll never understand him.
While all that's going on, all Ray is doing is bopping around Jean's FREAKIN HEAD. For real.
The first part ends, and while I won't blow (yes!) the wind pirate vs. Aquaman & Cap'n Comet climax, Ray finds out that Jean must remain unconscious to remain powerless. He yells.

In part 2, Ray enlists the help of Wonder Woman who brings him to her testerone-less island and completely ignores his "luckiest man alive" status to continue to help nutter Loring, who incidentally has since been kidnapped by Gorilla Grodd, Star Sapphire, and The Floronic Man. Yikes.
Worlds are threatened, heroes are captured, punches are thrown and walls are smashed. But who will win the day? I'm not telling.

Overall, the Atom special is a good deal. You get a well played story line with a nice mix of interesting and familiar characters, and you can get it with these for a decent price. If you can get the original STF issues, great, go for it. Otherwise, get your wind pirate on with these.

Oh, and with all that went on in these 2 meaty books, this is perhaps the finest moment, right after The Atom clocks evil Sapphire in the head:Oh, that Ray...


Diabolu Frank said...

I just finished reading an issue of JLofA featuring Jason Woodrue in his diabolical alter ego as Atom arch-nemesis... Jason Woodrue. Sure, he needed a super-name like Doctor Destiny needed to shed the brown sportjacket, but I think perhaps the Ch-ch-ch-Chia Afro did the Floronic Man a disservice.

I like Captain Comet. I'm going to go look for the poor sumbitch who's somewhere, in some language or other, has his own daily Captain Comet blog...

Damian said...

Maybe I'll have a Jason Woodrue week. People will file in for that. Out of the woodwork and such...

When you find that Captain Comet blog, waste no time in letting me know. I wish to congratulate the one responsible.

rob! said...

nifty cover, again!

it seems that jean loring has ALWAYS been more trouble than she was worth...

Luke said...

I adore Floronic Man's afro. That's the best use of a green afro ever. Funny how Atom is the Guest Star in the first issue!