May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Saturday, December 8, 2007

DC Direct's JSA Atom action figure

Al Pratt was promised and Al Pratt was delivered!.

These are actually some very cool figures from DC Direct as they did all Atom's serious justice in the action figure world. It's a shame there isn't more Al Pratt stuff out there (or any Atom stuff for that matter), and I 100% think his Golden Age costume would have made a fine boxed plastic apron Halloween outfit.
You get both versions of him here, and it gives you a chance to see in hand held detail why his first costume is a creation for all time.
His second version of the costume is more towards the "superhero" get-up than the skinfest he was originally running around in.

Pick these up for your yourself, your child, or a fellow hobbyist, and spread the joy of fist solving justice.

Making the world a better place: With Benton enjoying the first costume's mask, and my brilliant idea of combining Al Pratt's costumes into one beast, I got all crazy. Because I know some people just can't picture that first mask on that second costume. Just can't do it. "There's no way it could work!" some would yell.
So I expertly (quality speaks for itself) cut Al Pratt 1's head off and professionally (almost looks human) pasted it on to Al Pratt 2, to show the world that it can AND will work. It already has...Nuklon? Damage? Anyone...


rob! said...

wow, i didnt know these existed! they are quite cool, but what do you expect from DC Direct?

(hey, that rhymes!)

Damian said...

They really are so good.. DC Direct's Ray Palmer is so good, music actually plays when I look at it.
Sure, that's weird and stuff, but I care not.

And I can't believe you just came up with DC Direct's new slogan right here, right now.
Sell that, and I want a cut.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know these existed either! I tell you, despite the complete and utter skin-tastic-ness of it, the Atom's original costume is sort of awesome. That full mask of his is just downright intimidating!

Damian said...

He does have a sort of executioner thing going on.

What they should do is put out a series, like "The All New Old Atom" or something, use the second version of his costume, but the first mask.

Then he'd have a Dr. Fate thing going on, but with less hand waving and more forehead punching.

Anonymous said...

See, now that's awesome. Evil is collectively wetting its pants at the thought of that diminutive force of justice coming after them.

"more forehead punching" always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

One last thing:

The DCUG also includes Golden Age characters;)

Damian said...

I added on to the original post in case you didn't see it.

Daniel said...

Yeah, but...the head sculpts on the actual figures look nothing like the prototypes in the DCD link you have posted. Picked up the set for $5.98 at KB Toys of all places, and while the early 40's Atom is OK, the face sculpt on the late 40's Atom is horrible! He looks like a monkey. Don't know what the problem was, but that may be why they are now available for under $6 at KB Toys.