May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

DC Super Heroes from Hasbro

These, as far as I know, were originally intended to be part of that heinous Total Justice action figure line Kenner was hucking out. But here, Hasbro is the guilty party. You got yourself a Blue Beetle figure there on the left, and a something resembling The Flash on the right. That's about... wait, what's that? Right there in the middle.

Why it's The Atom! (I swear it is)That's right, in the year of 1999 if you fancied picking yourself up a Blue Beetle/Flash double pack, Hasbro threw you an Atom bone! A Ray Palmer figure of your very own to lose around the house and see who can step on it first.
And sorry, even with my advanced skills in photography (?), that photo is the best I can do.
Does it matter?
Nah, not so much.
It's just a fairly simple, wee figure with The Atom stuck in a pose of him apparently waving to the first tier characters that got their own, non-bonus action figures. And Blue Beetle.
As you can see (or not) he's wearing his Teen Titans vest, which is clutch, because I doubt there's going to be a rush to make vest-wearing Ray Palmer Teen Titan retro action figures any time soon. Unless they de-age him again and he once again decides to head said Titans. Of course, somebody would have to find him first.

All complaining aside (although I wasn't complaining, yanno) it's a cool addition to the Titan collection. The box these guys come in is cooler then the Total Justice figure setup, and again, any Atom action figure is more than welcome.


rob! said...

ive never seen this! good(?) to know that Blue Beetle ddidnt escape the hideous claws of the Total Justice look.

Damian said...

Hopefully they'll take another crack at this line so we can get more Kryptonite crystal shaped super heroes.

Diabolu Frank said...

Am I the only person who actually liked Total Justice?

I saw this two-pack at the San Diego Comic Con in 2000. I thought Blue Beetle came out really nice, though I'm not a fan, so I couldn't bring myself to buy it for Army Man Atom alone. Besides, I hated that stupid vest. Stoopid 90's. You suck, decade of comics!

Damian said...


As much as I wanted to embrace vest, I just couldn't

Bad vest. BAD!