May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

DC 100 SUPER SPECTACULAR PAGES: The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus!

Don't give me that.

Fine. This cover doesn't exactly induce warm fuzzy feelings and a sense of joy. But maybe that's because you haven't read it...

For if you had, you'd know that this thing is all over the frickin place, and is in fact a bondafide Christmas miracle. And look at that cast of characters on the front there! And plenty are missing!

Bats and Supes meet with a costumed Claus for charity. A splosion goes off, our heroes save the kids, faux Claus goes down like a sack of toys.
They find a key and a letter beside his body.
The message: find the door this key opens or a city block will be destroyed.

That's the spirit!

All sorts of fools get involved in this one, except for The Atom, Flash, Elongated Man, and Aquaman who would prefer to "do their own thing."

This is the type of issue where the JLA seems like an incompetent bunch. Aside from the Phantom Stranger that is, who saves the day.

The Christmas miracle? Red Tornado learns the true meaning of Christmas, and nabs himself a brand spanking new suit! He hasn't taken it off since.

Way to go Reddy!

So it's not the fun and sweet DC Christmas message I was going to put up originally (not that I had many options), but for various reasons it's what I decided on. Besides, Ray's mom was Jewish and I'm a Christmas boy. So we met halfway.

And put up a cover featuring a sploded Santa Claus? Whatever!

Happy Holidays to all that have been stopping by and dropping off comments, emails, and just reading!
To those who haven't been, enjoy your Ant-Man blogs you dirty rat bastards!

I seriously do appreciate it though, and maybe DC will pick things up in the Atom merchandise department so I can make it to next Christmas!


rob! said...

my favorite christmas-themed comic story, EVER. thanks for highlighting it, and merry xmas!

Diabolu Frank said...

So wait, Red Tornado got the pointy arrow suit in a Christmas issue! Hah! Loooser!

I don't recall if Atom's atheism predated Brad Meltzer, but I'd guess Ray got outed as a lapsed Jew sometime around this era, eh?