May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Red Tornado Shrine: Minimates!

Hey everyone, and welcome to the Red Tornado shrine!

What ever do you mean, "what the hell am I talking about?"

All right fine. This isn't the Red Tornado shrine, but as the world's finest champion (welcome challengers) of those heroes behind the heroes whom the guy on the street knows, it's time to break these things out.
Once a week (or something like that) I'll bust out with some non-Atom related merchandise, just to keep things out of control. Because that's how we roll here. So prepare yourselves for random Red Tornado, Mister Miracle, and whoever else I have gobs of stuff for sightings!

Unless everyone hates it, in which case you may file a grievance with the provided electronic mail address.

There's a fair share of John Smith figures out there, but I've chosen to start with the minimate. Why have I chosen the minimate?

I've had the same discussion several times since their inception, and it always leads back to the same question: How did they not make a "minimate" for the world's smallest superhero? It's just dumb. Hey, I love the RT mini, but does he and Ma Hunkel really make more sense then a Ray Palmer and Al Pratt pack? Sure, Ma Hunkel figures are fun. It's funny to make a Ma Hunkel figure.

In case you've just tuned in, DC direct put out minimates for everyone and their Ma Hunkel, cept for The Atoms.
This is my grievance, and it's been filed.

Aside from the whining, these little guys are pretty cool, although nowhere near as awesome as the Pocket Heroes which I'll dive into one of these days.

John Smith! Put it in the books!


Doug said...

I, for one, applaud the non-Atom postings every so often. As a Red Tornado/Flash/Firestorm/Animal Man/Hawkman/Vixen fan, it's good to see some other "lesser knowns" get some love.

rob! said...

there's no Atom mini-mate? SACRILEGE!

i like the idea, these other back-ups from the DCU deserve some love, too!

Anonymous said...

Great idea man! I'm a fan of tons of the second and third stringers, so bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that was me.

Damian said...

I wish there was an abundance of Animal Man stuff, I'd give him a shrine! It'd only be about 3 posts long though.
I'm still working on a way to get Hawkman in here. He's Ray's bestest bud and I've got a lot of good Carter stuff.

rob! said...

>>I wish there was an abundance of Animal Man stuff, I'd give him a shrine!<<

that'd have to be ""

Luke said...

There is an Atom Mini-Mate! Yeah, he comes packed in with Hawkman. Thing is, he's made at scale. So he's, yeah, kinda hard to see. Like that one Ant-Man Heroclix. Honest.

Damian said...

Nice call, Rob.

And Luke, don't tease me man! I think the Atom not being worthy of his own minimate and getting tossed in as another "bonus" is worse then not having one at all!

Maybe not. I don't know, let me think about it.