May present a choking hazard

May present a choking hazard

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hembeck back cover: The Comic Reader

I posted the first of the Hembeck's here.

That one up there? Oh yeah. That's right. Second.

This is the back cover of The Comic Reader #197 from 1981, done by Fred Hembeck and I believe Bill Anderson.

Look at them all! Palling around, hanging about. Legends and heroes meeting up!

What we like to see here is of course the Atom's. There's Al leaning down to shake Ray's hand. Ray of course has led to many back problems throughout the hero world. He's amongst friends here, just mingle at your normal height.

Maybe it's costume only.

Or perhaps he's wary that he and Pratt may go at it again.

Even with the two Atom's on here, my attention always goes to whatever tom foolery is about to unfold around Dr. Fate. It's obvious Supes is just talking him up so that Martian Manhunter can pants him. Then when he curses and reaches down to pull his trousers up, the helmet comes off and it's the old "Helmet of Nabu keep away" game that they love to play at these things.
You can totally see that Hawkman doesn't know what the hell they're doing, but he wants in on the good stuff.

Every now and then they'll give Fate the ol "all right, we were just joking" and hand the helmet back to him, only for him to try and put it on with great difficulty, thanks to a Ray Palmer infestation.

That's what I got from the cover anyway...

Click that sucker for the big picture.

I'm sticking this in that new Hawkman file too, so there!


rob! said...

considering Supes is vulnerable to magic, i'd lay off the pranks aimed at Dr Fate if i were him.

btw, this panel is "taken" from an issue of JLA, #21 or 22 i believe.

Damian said...

It's all fun and game until somebody gets hurt.

Thanks for cluing me in as to where it was lifted from, I was wondering.

Damian said...

Totally meant to put up the Sekowsky version and didn't.

What a crock I am.